Which Electric Tankless Water Heater Size is Right for You?

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If you don’t know yet, we recently released our new series of Electric Tankless Water Heaters. Much more flexible and convenient than a traditional tank water heater, our options come in three sizes for different purposes. We’re here to help you figure out which one is right for you and your space.

What’s the Difference from the Traditional Option?

The Evening Tide Electric Tankless water heater comes in three different sizes to tackle various hot water needs around the home or office. Instead of a set amount of water being stored in your water heater tank, tankless water heaters heat water on demand so it’s always available. The size is 90% smaller than a traditional water heater and since you don’t have to store the hot water, you can save up to 50% on your water heating utility bill.

Sizing Options to Meet Different Needs

Our electric water heater options come in three different sizes and power outputs. Depending on your needs, our options range from 8.8 lbs to 16.06 lbs with a range of voltages and power output to match.

If you’re in a small space like an apartment, a boat or a trailer, our smallest 9KW unit will be the perfect size for your water needs. Larger spaces like 3-bedroom homes or office spaces will have a much better use for the two larger sizes.

Hair, nail or pet salons will find the largest size (18kw) much more useful in their day-to-day activities. Kitchen, laundry work or cleaning services can adjust between the sizes based on their needs, like the 14kw size.

Unit size recommendations are also based on the average water inlet temperature in your area. If you are in an area that has a colder climate, you may need to size up in order to provide adequate hot water for your heating needs. 

electric tankless water heater

Water Heater Specification






240 V

240 V

240 V


9 KW

14 KW

18 KW

Min. Required Circuit Breaker Size

40 AMP

60 AMP

2 x 40 AMP

Max. Amperage

37.5 A

58 A

75 A

Recommended Wire Size



2 x (8AWG/2)

Min. Water Flow 

0.475 GPM / 1.8 L/min

0.475 GPM / 1.8 L/min

0.475 GPM / 1.8 L/min

Safe Operating Pressure

7.25 PSI - 108.78 PSI

7.25 PSI - 108.78 PSI

7.25 PSI - 108.78 PSI

Water Connections

½’’ NPT

½’’ NPT

¾ ’’ NPT





Temperature Setting

Digital Panel

Digital Panel

Digital Panel

Dimensions (LxWxH)

16.14 x 9.84 x 2.6

15.87 x 11.14 x 2.87

17.25 x 12.22 x 3.43


8.8 lbs

12.76 lbs

16.06 lbs

If running out of available hot water is something that troubles you, it is definitely worth considering adding an electric tankless hot water heater to your home or office. You can find our full line of tankless water heaters here or on Amazon

If purifying your water is a concern, be sure to check out our AH1000 Water Ozone Generator as well. 

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