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Limited Warranty

What’s covered?

This limited warranty covers defects in materials and work manship in this product.

Warranty Period

The warranty will be activated automatically from the date of original purchase of this product. Please refer to your user manual of the warranty period.

How to request warranty services?

To obtain the benefit of this warranty, please leave your message here, or send an email to Our customer service will address your issue in 24hs.

What’s NOT covered?

  1. This limited warranty does not cover any damage caused by the owner modifying, attempting to fix or otherwise altering the product.
  2. This also does not warranty that the product won’t become obsolete at some point in the future.

      Who’s covered?

      This limited warranty is only for the original buyer. The limited warranty is not transferable to subsequent owners or purchasers of this product.

      What Airthereal will do?

      1. Repair the item.
      2. Replace the item if you can’t repair it within a reasonable amount of time.
      3. Issue a refund for the item.
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