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Composting has never been easier

Turn your food waste into organic plant food in 4-7 hours. At-home composting made easy.

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It’s really easy to set up, you put the waste in the bin, close the lid, plug the power and press the start button. You are all set.

I collected 2 days kitchen waste - egg shells, coffee, vegetables, fruits peels , corncobs, dirty tissues, placed into the bin, left in garage and turned on overnight. The picture is the result of next morning. I am very pleased.

I am in love with this thing! These ease of use makes me question why I waited so long to give it a shot.

Since we grow a lot of plants both garden and house I thought this would be a perfect way to help enrich our soil.

I followed the directions and did not over fill the unit with waste. I plugged it into the electric outlet and turned the unit to the on position. It took less than 2 hours to complete the process of turning the kitchen waste into the compost material.

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