As soon as I RECEIVE this equipment.Turned it on to test make sure you are out of line of fire. Created a ton of Ozone the second I turned it on. Works great on certain smells. I have tried on a teenagers funky butt smelling room worked great. A smokers room worked great. Im sure many other smells can be removed with this.

Great for getting out smoky smell in rented house. I used it to rid the house of bad odor left behind by tenants. You need to buy one because renting would take more than one time Repeated about 4 times smoke is gone. Also used to rid my home of odor. Closed off bedroom and left it in there. The bed sheets smell close line fresh as do my clothes that were hanging in the closet. Added bonus bugs were found dead in rental.

Overall this product is really amazing. I use it once a week for 30mins after I go to work in my apartment (roughly 700 sqft). It deodorizes the smell of the leftover in my kitchen as well as the odor of formaldehyde (new apartment). Just remember to open the windows after used to allow circulation. As an ozone generator, it absolutely functions better than most of the so-called air purifiers in the market. I know it was widely used in commerce and industry, but I definitely recommend to expand its usage in daily life as well.

I bought this for my parents because they are big smokers....When i go back home I hate to smell the smoke! This product helped me out alot and my parents love it! It cleans the air in a very short time! It is very easy to use! I give this product a 5 star because it did what i wanted it to do with a very good price!

I bought this a couple weeks ago and I have to say it met my every expectation, so far. This thing got rid of all the "old musty gross" apartment smells in my apartment as well as the overpowering stench of hamburgers and cigarette smoke residue in my father's car.Food smells in the kitchen? No problem. Mildew smells in the basement? No problem. I highly recommend this product to anyone wanting to rid a space of any organic odors that may be present. The only caveat I would offer is that if you're wanting to use an ozone generator in a larger space you may wish to consider one which has a "hold" option that allows the unit to run continuously.