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Air Purifier

What's the APH260 Filter?

The 7-in-1 HEPA replacement filter in this listing is already combined with a pre-filter, a true HEPA filter, an activated carbon filter (with nano mineral, cold catalyst filter, photocatalyst filter, and molecular sieve attached). Just got 1 piece of the replacement filter and it's all done.

How long does the air purifier take to change the filter?

When the replacement icon lights up (PM2.5 light turn RED and keep flashing), it is a reminder to check and change the air filter. It’s recommended to replace the filter every 6-8 months for optimal use, or according to your air filter status.

Where do we purchase replacement APH260 filters?

APH260 replacement filters are available on Amazon or Airthereal's website. Search APH260 filter or click the link: APH260 Filter.

Why is there an unpleasant smell of the air purifier?

Reason 1:
The filter may be too dirty if not replaced for a long time. You can replace the filter to see if you still have this problem.
Reason 2:
Use the air purifier in moist conditions or water entered in the filter. You also can replace the filter to see if you still have this problem.

APH260 Replacement Alert

To reset the replacement alert, press the FAN and TIMER button simultaneously and hold for 3seconds. 

What's the Anion function?

Anions are particles with one or more extra electron, conferring a net negative charge to the particle. It's used to eliminate the occurrence of air-borne bacterial infections and to reduce static electricity buildup in electronics.

It speeds up the purification by absorbing pollen, dust and other airborne particles. When the anion function is on, it becomes an air ionizer that uses high voltage to ionize air molecules.

How to use Anion?

1 When the unit first powers on, the mode will be set to Anion Mode.

2 To switch on the Anion Mode, press the Anion button to activate the Anion Mode.

To switch off the Anion Mode, press the Anion button again to inactivate the Anion Mode.

Air quality figures have remained the same. Why?

The air quality sensors holes may get blocked. Clean the sensor with a cotton swab.

PM 2.5 always get a red light. Why?

This is a reminder to check the air filter. When this light keeps flashing, it's time to replace the filter.

The numbers have been fluctuating from 3 to 12. Why?

This PM2.5 sensor is very sensitive. It means the air quality is good when the value is under 12. Need to pay attention when it goes higher than 35.

Will this purifier get rid of cigarette smoke/smell?

It absorbs smoke particles to the HEPA filter under anion mode. Then the 7-in-1 true HEPA filter will filters all smokes out of fresh air. So yes, it removes the smell of smoke by catching all smoke chemicals from the air.

Why the air purifier has unusual noise while operating?

To enhance the purifying efficiency, the filter size of Airthereal Pure Morning is much larger than others. Downside is that when it captures more and more pollutants, it gets louder. There are two ways to improve the situation: one is to replace the air filter when the noise level is obviously louder. The other one is to turn sleep mode or lowest fan speed to denoise.

Does APH260's UV-light / Anion function produce ozone?

APH260 has been tested for electrical safety and ozone emissions, and complies with the maximum allowable concentration of ozone of 0.050 parts per million by volume (ppmv) in a 24-hour period(CARB indoor air cleaning devices safety).
CARB EO Number is G-18-110

Does Day Dawning ADH80 work with USB?

ADH80 comes with a 12V DC home adapter and a 12V car cigarette adapter, making it suitable for indoor and car use. However, it can't work with USB now.

Does Day Dawning ADH80 make an irritating noise?

Normally, the noise level should be no louder than 42dB when it's at high-speed mode. This level of noise is equivalent to the sound of rain. When it's at low-speed mode or sleep mode, the noise level should be no louder than 22dB which is equivalent to the sound of dripping.

How’s the purification capacity of ADH80?

In the first place, let’s talk about how to measure the purification capacity of an air purifier. CADR (Clean Air Delivery Rate) is the international standard for measuring purifiers' effectiveness.  CADR rating is taken in CFM which stands for cubic feet per minute, or in m³/hour, which indicates how fast the air purifier can clean the air within a particular size room.

The CADR rating for Day Dawning ADH80 is 47CFM, which means air exchanges for 5 times every hour for rooms of up to 160 sq.ft. Manufacturer recommendation room coverage for this model is up to 160 ft², suitable for bedrooms, offices and small rooms, as well as for cars. (We include a car adapter in every package)

Of course, the air quality of your space matters. HEPA air purifiers are usually working against small particles and some kinds of odors, such as pollen, smoke, and dust. If you have complicated air problems, we have to deal with it case by case.

The price of ADH80 is not competitive with other desktop air purifiers?

Endeavored to improve the user experience, Day Dawning ADH80 is equipped with some advanced features like PM2.5 sensor and air quality indicator, which enables it to automatically adjust working modes according to the current air status. It takes some cost but we believe this function will be super helpful to customers.

What's more, even though the machine costs a little bit more, its replacement filter needs only $19.5, which means we save a lot for the upcoming cost.

Lastly, if you do comparison, ADH80 performs much better among those desktop size air purifiers in the market, no matter for the CADR rating, the size of the unit and filter, or the features and functions.

Why does the PM2.5 reading go above 25 when I use my cold air humidifier?

The AQI Reading reflects the air particles' quantity around. When the air fluctuates and the particles move, the sensor in the unit will detect this change and reflect it by number.


For example, if you walk around the unit, the reading will change as the air fluctuates. That’s why the reading changed when you turned on the humidifier.


When you turn on the humidifier, it will produce the water mist. On the one hand, the water mist is particles with a relatively large diameter. On the other hand, other particles in the air will accumulate because of the water mist. Therefore, the sensor in the unit will detect this increasing change. Once the humidifier is turned off, the reading will return to normal. The AQI Reading feature of APH260 Air Purifier works properly.

How can I read the AQI Reading?

The AQI Reading reflects the air particles quantity around, and it is constantly changing. When the air fluctuates, and the particles move, the dust sensor in the unit will detect this change and reflect it by number. For example, if you walk around the unit, the reading will change as the air fluctuates.

If you still have concerns, you can do a test to check whether the dust sensor can work properly. You can spray perfume towards the dust sensor to see whether its reading goes high immediately and return later. The dust sensor is on the back of the unit. 

How can I identify if the PM 2.5 light is normal?

When the APH260 is processing power on,  the blue breath light of the air quality indicator will

twinkle for 30 seconds.

Once the AQI is detecting the PM2.5, the PM2.5 light will keep blue light.

When PM2.5 light turn RED and keep flashing, it is a reminder to check and change the air filter.

What can I do if the PM2.5 value is too high?

The wrong PM2.5 reading issue may be because the dust sensor plugged up. Please use a cotton swab or a hairdryer to clean the dust sensor to see if the problem still exists.

Ozone Generator

How to use ozone generators?

Step 1 - Clean up the pollutants

Before ozone treatments, please do some cleaning in order to remove the source of the odors. Close the windows and doors. Make sure nobody and no pets are in the room.

Step 2 - Use the timer

It's highly recommended to set the timer and leave it in the room. Treatment time can be adjustable according to the room size and air quality. If you have no clues, you can start with 15 min, and increase the treatment duration or frequency for the next time.

Step 3 - Unoccupied space ONLY

Exposed to high concentration of ozone can be harmful. Please stay outside the room being ozone treated. We include a NO ENTRY sign in the package as a gift, which can be hung on the door.

*To remove tough odors, please increase treatment time and frequency until your problem solves.

How to maintain the ozone generator?

Maintenance is super easy.
1. Take out and wash the pre-filter at the back whenever it gets stuck by dust. Put it back when it's dry and that's all done.
2. Keep the unit in a cool and dry space when it's in storage.
3. The ozone plate is meant to be used for years. Only change the plate when the blue light on it gets much weaker than before and you could smell the ozone is much less as well. The ozone plate replacement is available for sell on Amazon and our website.
4. Unscrew the four screws on both sides of the machine. Press the handle, loosen the ozone holder, and draw out the ozone plate, clean it with water or replace it with a new one, make sure the plate is dry and the metal terminals contact well.

Why can I smell a weird odor?

DO NOT smell the around the machine while it's on. Only leave it on when no one is around, concentrated ozone destroys your lungs!

Do I need to remove plants from room when using the machine?

Appropriate use of ozone generator does NOT affect plants. Just don’t place the plants in front of the air outlet.

Can you run the air conditioner while running the generator?

Yes, sure. It can sterilize your air conditioning system as well.

How to run the ozne generator inside the car?

Please use a extension outlet when you run ozone generators inside the car. It needs to be plugged into an outlet. Turn anticlockwise to set 'HOLD', which could keep it runing. But please make sure no people are around when it's on.

How to set the timer to 10 minutes?

If you need to set the timer to 10 minutes, you need to put timer on 40 minutes and then back to the 10 minute position.

How to use the ozone generator in the basement?

I have to remind it again: please never run it when people, pets or plants are going to be present. It would be best to experiment with the lowest level of ozone output at first to see if it is irritating.

Many customers reported that the ozone generator is good for keeping the mustiness away in the basement.

Here are the points to note when using ozone machine in basement:

Turn on the air conditioning during the treatment if you use it in the basement. It could sterilize the air-conditioning system as well.
You only need the ozone in the basement won't vent out and exposing to your family. Also, have to thoroughly air out all remaining ozone before you return to the basement. If you believe they are not able to make it air out thoroughly, please allow a longer time to consume the residual ozone before returning to the room. Normally, the ozone will need 4 hours to react and disappear completely, but depending on the ventilation.
If you can't smell the ozone when you are upstairs, you don't need to block heat or cold air duct return registers. Ozone can sterilize it as well.
If you need further assistance, please feel free to reach out to us at

Does it harmful if the ozone is producing while setting up the device?

The unit will begin producing ozone when you press the power button. But, it starts with its minimum ozone output of 2g/h. Although ozone impacts our body through breathing, the low concentration of ozone environment has little effect on human injury. Please don't worry too much. You can hold your breath when setting the timer and leave the room right away.

How can I set the timer of MA10K-PRODIGI?

When the power is turned on, pressing the timer button will cycle through 1 hr → 2 hrs → 3 hrs → . ... → 12 hrs → 0 hr etc.

If you are going to set the timer:

The timer will turn off when the timer counts to 0 but the ozone treatment continues.


If you have set the timer:

If the timer is set to 0, the unit will automatically turn off.