Which Air Purifier is Right For Your Business/Organization?

 air purifier for businesses

If you’re a business owner or organization operating indoors right now, you’re very aware of the importance of clean air for guests and staff alike. An updated, frequently cleaned and inspected air ventilation system, plus a collection of air purifiers will help keep the air indoors sanitized and safe for everyone. 

But with so many options for true HEPA and medical-grade air purifiers, how do you choose the right one? Not all air purifiers are built the same and not all are made for the same size rooms and/or purposes. Let’s figure out what kind of air purifier would work best for your type of business.

Retail, Shopping, and Dining

indoor dining and shopping

Retail, shopping, and dining establishments offer some of the most frequently trafficked areas where air needs to be purified—more so than any other business type. With more and more states opening to 100% capacity, air purification on a massive scale is necessary.

  • The AGH550 Air Purifier is our largest model with an upgraded sensor, a powerful engine that can clean a large space in 20 minutes, and an air quality indicator that always keeps up-to-date on the current air conditions.
  • Another option is the AGH380 Air Purifier, which can purify spaces up to 550 sq. ft. and has a built-in H13 medical-grade filter and UV-C sanitization, making it incredibly effective for busy areas.

Schools and Corporate Offices

schools in session

When you have adults and children gathering in one space for long periods of time and breathing the same air, an air purification system and filtration cleaning process is definitely necessary to keep the air fresh.

  • School districts have been buying up the APH260 Air Purifier in bulk since schools began in-person teaching last fall. The appeal of this particular machine comes from its UV-C sanitization option and multiple filter options to choose from: the standard true HEPA or the medical-grade H13 filter. Perfectly suited for individual classrooms and teachers’ lounges and other various spaces throughout the school.
  • If you’ve brought your employees back into the office physically, providing them with their own air purifier for their desk/cubicle/office is a benefit they will absolutely appreciate. The ADH50B Air Purifier is a compact, portable machine that fits neatly on a desk, bookshelf, or wherever you want to put it. Plus, this little guy is budget-friendly and we have bulk buying offers.

Personal, Auto, and Home Care Services

hair salons and other personal services

Hair salons, auto repair shops, gyms, housekeeping services, daycares, waxing salons, and other small businesses that provide direct services to consumers were some industries hit the hardest in 2020. Keeping the air in your space regularly refreshed while you work should be a part of the many perks you offer to clients. 

  • The APH230C is budget-friendly and super effective for removing pesky pollen, dander, and other bothersome particles from the air. People with pets love this machine for how quickly it clears the air and helps with allergies.
  • The ADH80 Air Purifier is a great, smaller unit that is car-compatible, which is perfect for auto businesses and other services that require employees to be on the go. It’s great for small spaces and easy to use.

Destination Travel - Hotels, Airports, and Other Transportation


Airbnbs, hotels, motels, trains, subways, and especially airports are all heavily trafficked areas that need constant refreshing of the air. Air quality is very important here with so many people from all over mingling together. 

  • For airports, subway and train stations, and other waiting areas, a proper air filtration system is a must. This isn’t just individual air purifiers spread throughout the space, we’re talking about keeping your filters and ventilation systems up-to-date and cleaned regularly.
  • Whether you’re traveling or staying somewhere outside your home, an air purifier is going to be your best friend. Travel-sized machines like the car-compatible ADH80 and desktop-sized ADH50B can go with you anywhere (that has an outlet, of course!)

Air is everywhere, and we all breathe it. If the past year has taught us anything, it’s that breathing clean air matters. Choosing the right air purifier for your business doesn’t have to be a guessing game! Consider your space and how you operate. Still have questions? Reach out! We’re happy to help.

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