Purify Your Water With Airthereal’s New Water Filtration System

We’ve made it even easier to get clean, drinking water without the hassle of plumbing or your “handyman” uncle causing DIY chaos. Airthereal’s Pristine Lite3 RO Countertop Instant Filtered Water Dispenser and Water Filtration collection is user-friendly and hassle-free. Just pull it right out of the box, plug and drink!

Hassle-Free Clean Drinking Water

The Pristine Lit3 is easy to use, without any installation, with an advanced filtration system that eradicates up to 99% of common tap water impurities. The system’s RO membrane is sourced from renowned supplier, DOW FilmTec.

water dispenser

Harnessing the power of an 5-stage advanced filtration system, our system eradicates 99% of common tap water pollutants and impurities, ensuring your drinking water's safety. Leftover wastewater can be repurposed for various household needs, like watering plants, mopping floors, and wiping surfaces.

On top of the convenience, this water dispenser will keep you up-to-date on the quality of water, with a built-in real-time water quality indicator. There’s also a filter replacement reminder, so you never miss a change.

Upgrade Your Green Lifestyle

Airthereal’s mission lately has been focused on reducing plastic bottle usage and waste, encouraging sustainability, and fostering an easygoing green lifestyle. With our new water filtration system and dispenser, you can provide access to clean drinking water for you, your family, and pets.

small spaces water dispenser

To keep the water’s purity intact, our temperature-resistant borosilicate glass pitcher enhances the safety of your water by minimizing exposure to pollutants and harmful chemicals that can seep out of plastic, while also being durable and easy to clean.

The new water filtration system collection joins an extensive lineup of smart home, user-friendly products that Airthereal has become known for. 

A healthy life is a happy life, so let’s help you keep it that way with clean drinking water from Pristine Lite3 RO Countertop Instant Filtered Water Dispenser.

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