Different Ways to Commit to Helping the Earth in 2022

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We only have one home to live in. That’s our beautiful Earth! With climate change rapidly turning into a climate crisis, public and environmental health are becoming more and more entwined. 

We can all agree that it will take more than an individual effort to curb climate change and make a real impact. However, there are many ways we can change our behavior and do things on a daily basis to help the Earth.

Ways for an Individual to Help

electric water heater for energy conservation

  • Recycling at home is no longer a recommendation but a requirement.
  • Lead by example in your family, especially for the young people around you
    • Encourage the kids in your life to increase pressure on their school officials about doing more to help the environment. 
  • Update your home tech to more energy efficient machines. Change your water consumption habits. 
  • Figure out clever ways to recycle and reuse clothes and other items that are about to be thrown away.
  • Donate items you no longer need to shelters and lightly-used good drives 
  • Shop secondhand more often instead of always buying new.
  • Utilize an electric water heater over a traditional water heater to help with water conservation.
  • If you have a backyard, plant a garden and grow your own vegetables, fruits, herbs and spices.
    • Instead of throwing away food scraps, yard waste, cardboard, or coffee grounds, compost them for use in your garden. 

Ways for a Company or Organization to Help

air purification in the office true HEPA

  • Implement a company-wide recycling program, if there isn’t one already.
  • Help start energy conservation efforts like going paperless, using more natural lighting, using eco-friendly cleaning products, and bringing the outside in with oxygen-rich plants.
  • Ensure employees or members have access to fresh fruit and vegetables as part of a wellness program.
  • Make one of your philanthropic efforts a food and clothing drive to help those in need and give used clothes a second life.
  • Make sure your air filters and filtration systems are up-to-date and clean. Create an even more clean space with environmentally-friendly True HEPA air purifiers.

Ways for a Community to Help

community clean-up and volunteering recycling program

  • If your community or neighborhood is lacking a recycling program, start one! Talk to your HOA, council members, etc to see how you can help.
  • Connect with other like-minded individuals who are focused on environmental and public health and create a group chat or email list to keep each other updated on news.
  • Reduce the overall amount of water the neighborhood uses on their lawns and gardens by putting everyone on a schedule.

There’s obviously a multitude of ways for everyone to get involved in proactively preserving the Earth’s environment. The bulk of the responsibility falls on corporations and our government to get a handle on, but there’s no reason we as individuals and as a community shouldn’t focus on sustainability and eco-friendly change around us. Share with us how you’re helping the Earth in 2022 on Instagram or Facebook.

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