Tips for Welcoming Spring With Open Arms; Allergies, Insects and All

welcoming spring allergies

Yay, spring is finally here! With sunshine, bike rides, brunching and gardening, also comes sniffling, sneezing and a little wheezing. With some preparation and extra precaution, this spring can be just as enjoyable as any other season!

Peak Allergy Season (March-April)

As we’re nearing the end of March, pollen is a big issue right now. You’re probably sniffling and sneezing more and more each day and the more you go outdoors. If you’re not already doing so, start keeping track of your city’s daily pollen count. There’s a ton of apps you can download on your phone so you’re never caught by surprise when you step outside.

pollen tracking apps

As we head into April, with the coronavirus pandemic running rampant, take extra precautions to mitigate your symptoms. Check in with your doctor and make sure you have all the medications you’ll need. This is the time of peak pollination for the trees and plants around you, so take care with these steps:

-Keep your windows closed, especially when the winds are high.
-Turn on your air purifier. If it has an auto-detect function, make sure that’s turned on so it can purify the air based on the air quality in the house and outside.
-Routinely clean your outdoor furniture, if you have any. These items can collect pollen and dust.
-Make sure you shower after spending time outdoors.
air purifier for spring allergies 

Pollen and Increased Insect Activity (May-June)

May is the month where things really warm up and the bugs start to come out. And as we head into summer, more folks will be cutting the grass, releasing pollen, dust and bugs into the air around you. If you’re allergic to freshly cut grass or mosquitoes, keep cortisone cream and aloe vera on you to help soothe any irritations.

grass allergies

Spring and summer allergies tend to collide the most in June. If you’re not already feeling the effects of grass allergies, you’ll be feeling them now. It’s no use saying “spend less time outside” when it’s the best time of the year! Just keep an eye out for heavily wooded areas or bodies of water. These places attract the most bugs and gather the irritants for your allergies.

water ozone machine

If you’re really aggressive about keeping your home free of pollen and other outdoor allergens, shower ASAP, as we mentioned above, but also utilize an ozone generator with the clean-up. Water ozone machines can sterilize your water for any purpose and portable ozone generators can roam with you wherever you go. With COVID-19 still a persistent problem, take care to keep yourself safe and enjoy the spring. 

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