"It does the job perfectly." Colson Task Force's Review of MA10K-PRO Smart WiFi Ozone Generator

wifi ozone generator review

More folks are raving about Airthereal's Smart Ozone Generator that can be controlled and monitored via app. Colson Task Force recently reviewed the MA10K-Pro Smart model and was impressed with the quality of the item, as well as the price point.

"I’m going to be recommending the Airthereal MA10K-Pro Smart Ozone generator. It works great and will remove most smells you can think of. The price isn’t so bad either. It’s 200 bones for what I consider top of the line."

smart wifi ozone generator review

Read the rest of the review, where Chris Colson goes through the build of the unit, function, hazards, price point and the AIRIA app. 

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