Introducing a New Kind of Product to Our Roster: The Tankless Water Heater

Since the beginning, Airthereal has been on a mission to help customers take care of their health and their family’s health with an assortment of ozone generators and air purifiers. That mission has been reinforced over the last few years with the onset of the pandemic and the increasing need to address climate change that’s causing air quality degradation.

Customers’ needs have evolved and Airthereal has evolved with them. 

Launching the very first Tankless Water Heater from the brand, this compact and sleek product heats up water on-demand instead of storing heated water in a large storage tank. Due to their short heating time, these heaters are perfect for cooking areas, bathrooms, garages, or any place where hot water needs to be used at any time. 

save on water costs

Because of its rapid heating and small size, our tankless water heaters are 90% smaller than a traditional water heater. This makes  it a perfect match for someone living in a small space like an apartment or a larger house with multiple bathrooms and higher hot water needs. 

Three models with more to offer than the traditional option.

Our new Tankless Water Heater comes in 3 versions: 

  • EVT-9K: 9KW, 8.8 lbs, perfect for small spaces like a studio apartment or dorm room.
  • EVT-14K: 14KW, 12.76 lbs, perfect for kitchens, bathrooms and other rooms in the house.
  • EVT-18K: 18KW, 16.06 lbs, perfect for laundry rooms, garages and other large spaces.

If you currently have a traditional tank heater, consider how large it is and the difficulty level of installation, the limited amount of water it can hold that also just sits there all day, and needs constant maintenance and upkeep. Our smaller tankless water heater options simplify all of that and gives you heated water on demand. 

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