Celebrate Airthereal’s 4th Birthday with Our Top Ten Most-Loved Items


4th anniversary sale

It’s been 4 years since we began our mission. Our focus started with improving air quality in homes across the world. We’ve since expanded into more wellness-focused and eco-friendly items.

To celebrate our fourth anniversary, we’re going to share our best-selling, most-loved, fan-favorite items on our site. These are the items our customers love the most, buy frequently, and review the highest. 

Let’s see what our customers love the most, starting with number 10:

#10: ADH50B Air Purifier

This little air purifier is compact and easy to travel with, as you can move it around from room to room. A lot of customers have found this extremely helpful when living with smokers.

From Thomas Z., “I [share] a living room with roommates smoking. I am a runner so I am afraid smoking will kill my lungs. I bought two of these, one in the hallway, the other in the newly curtained living room. Every time he smokes, it gets cleared off in 3 minutes!”

#9: LF200 Aroma Diffuser

aroma diffuser for home with LED flame light

One of our newest products has made quite the splash for the LED flame light that exudes coziness and warmth. Along with our essential oils offerings, the Aroma Diffuser comes in two color options: white and wood.

From Kealy, “This thing is super awesome. It actually works the way you see in the video. I love this thing. I even talked my boss into buying one for our office. When I sent a video to my mother, she thought the fire was real. I have now bought 2 products from Airthereal. I highly recommend this product and their other products.”

#8: MA10K-PRO Smart Ozone Generator with Remote Control

The smartest ozone generator we have is another new fan-favorite. A lot of our ozone machine buyers are small businesses like car detailing companies and garages that need to ozonate multiple vehicles at a time. Realtors trying to sell homes also find this incredibly helpful in treating several homes before potential homeowners walk through. 

“Tested at a friend's apartment who is a heavy indoor smoker. This device is magic. We could not believe the difference in the apartment. Control via app is great and also the instructions were very easy to follow and they were explicit in terms of leaving the room during operation (hard to miss which is good for safety). This gets a five-star review because it will not let me go higher. Amazing product,” from an enthusiastic Amazon reviewer.

#7: AH1000 Water Ozone Generator

Our beloved H2O ozone generator can be used to sterilize containers of water or the air itself in an indoor space. Customers have used ozonated water to remove harmful bacteria and prevent the spread of infections. Treating water with ozone is also helpful for sterilizing baby products, fruits, vegetables, toothbrushes, and other household items.

One Amazon reviewer found the AH1K extremely helpful in their kitchen. “I like using this unit to make ozonated oils. You can use it with many different types of oils. Olive oil works great. Some oils can hold more ozone than others. Hemp and sunflower seem to hold the most while caster and jojoba hold less. Depending on your oil applications you will want more or less concentrations. More isn't necessarily better.”

#6: MA10K-PRODIGI Ozone Generator

Our original digital ozone generator is extremely popular with small businesses like hair salons, car detailers, and cleaning services. With a max ozone output of 10,000mg per hour, this little machine can sterilize and deodorize your spaces quickly before you open up shop!

“A potent weapon to have in one's arsenal to fight against pathogens! Along with the adjustable ozone production power and fan speed, it also includes a power-down timer for up to 12 hours of area pathogen- and odor-annihilating, scorched-earth havoc! Please use responsibly and please closely follow the included instructions. Ozone is no joke!” 

#5: AGH380 Air Purifier

air purifier for home

This medical-grade True HEPA air purifier sharply rose up the list when we launched it. The increasing need for better ventilation and clean, purified air spurred us into creating this product. Since 2020, everyone has been focused on the purification of the air they breathe, with good reason!

“Cleared our 40’ Diesel Pusher MotorHome!” Kevin S. said in his 5-star review. “We bought this for our RV and it has improved the air quality and helped with pet dander and other contaminants in the air. After two weeks I no longer am getting headaches!”

#4: AGH550 Air Purifier

Our biggest machine is our most effective when clearing large spaces of pollutants in the air. With a smart laser sensor, it can automatically detect the air quality of your home or business and adjust settings accordingly. Office spaces utilize this a lot as more employees return to work inside the office.

“We purchased this unit to help with indoor allergies during the winter months. We were having trouble with sneezing, watering eyes and runny noses. We have been using it for three days now and all I can say is money well spent,” from an Amazon reviewer. 

#3: MA10K-PRO Ozone Generator

One of our most popular and effective ozone machines spiked in popularity during 2020, with labs, volunteer fire departments, medical facilities and businesses across the world picking these up to sterilize their spaces. This is also a very strong deodorizer that can remove any persistent smells.

“Wife left something on the stove and we both left. Luckily, we came back in time before a fire broke out but the entire house was filled with thick smoke. I seriously thought the house was ruined because of the lingering smoke smell. Ran this thing for two hours near the stove with the air running and most of the house had a slight ozone smell two hours later but the smoke smell was significantly reduced,” an Amazon reviewer shared.

#2: APH260 Air Purifier

Our #1 most purchased air purifier on our website and the one school districts and teachers prefer! This machine can use standard true HEPA filters or our medical-grade filters; the choice is up to you. The APH260 has a smart sensor that automatically detects the air quality and adjusts the fan speed to compensate.

“This item is a must have in any home, office, and should be in [all] classrooms. Especially in older school buildings where the air quality is poor. Parents, if the schools won't budget for it, you should gift it to the classroom. Cuts down on airborne germs and particles,” a 5-star reviewer said on Amazon.

#1: MA5000 Ozone Generator

And for our number one overall product, it’s our fan-favorite ozone generator! The MA5K is budget-friendly and gets the job done. Car garages, cleaners and detailers often buy these in bulk to ozone-treat several vehicles at once as part of their services. Companies overseas also buy these in bulk to use for their cleaning process. 

“I rented out a few cars on Turo and had a guest smoke so much that the smell was still strong two weeks later. I bought this and 30 minutes after running it the smell is all gone. No hint of any smoke smell; it's like it never happened. Literally a miracle! It saved my car,” Tiera said in her 5-star review. “Like others have mentioned, PLEASE take the proper precautions as this can be very harmful to people and pets. I let it run in my open garage with the car completely sealed. After the machine stopped running I opened all of the doors and let the car air out for 45 minutes before I got inside.”

At Airthereal, we’re committed to creating products that are essential to improving your daily life. Our user experience and quality control teams are always reading customer feedback to improve our products. Our customer service team stands at the ready to help with anything our customers need. Thank you for helping us thrive these last 4 years!

Our Top Ten, Most Celebrated Products: 

  1. MA5000 Ozone Generator
  2. APH260 Air Purifier
  3. MA10K-PRO Ozone Generator
  4. AGH550 Air Purifier
  5. AGH380 Air Purifier
  6. MA10K-PRODIGI Ozone Generator
  7. AH1000 Water Ozone Generator
  8. MA10K-PRO Smart Ozone Generator with Remote Control
  9. LF200 Aroma Diffuser
  10. ADH50B Air Purifier

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