Airthereal Continues to Aid Doctor Fighting Illness Overseas with Products

 ozone generator for airborne viruses

Since last year, Airthereal has been assisting Dr. Domenico Romeo and his colleagues in turning the tide against COVID-19 infections in Italy. As a biologist, he frequently deals with sanitization with his AirLevante team.

Dr. Romeo has been working hard at his city’s (Lombardy) recovery from the pandemic. He often includes our products in his processes and his clients also buy Airthereal products directly from us. We have since offered free samples of our new models to his team, while also providing a discount to his clients. 

Graciously, the doctor and his team provide us with updates as to how they’re using our products and how they like them. The team has placed our AGH430 medical-grade air purifier in offices and sanitary homes for senior citizens. 

They’ve discovered that their biological and chemical analysis of the air and surfaces after using our products, including ozone generators, are excellent. Because of this, Dr. Romeo and his technicians provided all their customers who follow the sanitization protocol with an AGH430 device.

italian doctor fighting COVID

As for ozone machines, the team uses the AH1000 we provided for them to ozonate and nebulize the water in the air within his medical space, as it’s not harmful to humans. “We used the atomized water produced by the device to disinfect and sanitize an operating room, atomising the water creating a dry fog, which does not wet. All the biological analysis we did in the air and on the surfaces after the treatment had negative results (zero viruses, zero bacteria, zero molds, zero VOCs, etc.),” Dr. Romeo told us via email.

The team has found other uses for the AH1000 besides water. “I have ozonated olive oil, because it [ozone machine] has a very powerful ozone pump and another doctor uses this product together with tea tree oil to treat pressure sores in older people,” he said. Ozonated water has been used in many clinical applications and the doctor provided us with a link to a study about this. Read more here.

Also, the team has discovered that the PA1K-GO is efficient for sanitizing their medication refrigerators. Our smaller PA50-GO can also be used, but the PA1K-GO is more effective. The entire sanitization process is also used in their medical therapies. 

Though vaccinations are rising across the globe, COVID-19 and other airborne illnesses are still infecting thousands worldwide. The work Dr. Romeo does with his team has been forward-thinking and focused on one thing: helping sick people. Airthereal is proud to continue to help in any way we can with our products. We will continue to provide updates on how the lab successfully uses our air purifiers and ozone generators.

*Please note, these are not US-based labs.

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