Spooktacular Halloween Treats for the Compost

halloween treats for compost

It’s a spooky time of the year, so treats are always in abundance! Unfortunately, this can mean a lot of food waste. From candy to apples to the weird, healthy snacks your neighbor gives you, we’re here to help you figure out what you can and can’t compost in your electric composter.

First and foremost, you CANNOT compost paper or candy wrappers. Make sure any food you put in your electric composter is free of paper and other non-organic wrappings.

Here’s what spooky treats you CAN compost:

  • Pumpkin guts
  • Apple cores
  • Rotting Jack O’ Lanterns
  • Fall leaves
  • Corn cobs and husks
  • Baked goods
  • Moldy bread
  • Coffee grounds
  • Eggshells and small bones (fish or bird)
  • Old and unwanted candy (unwrapped)
  • Peeps, candy corn, and chocolates
  • Old carved veggie decor
  • Green tea bags
  • Cauldron stew leftovers
kitchen electric composter halloween treats

Check out what else you can compost here.

Got more questions about your composter? Check out the FAQs here.

Make composting fun this spooky season and teach your kids how to eliminate food waste in a way that helps the planet. You can use your Halloween compost on indoor or outdoor plants, the garden, lawn or donate to a local giving garden.

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