Gift Guide to Improving Your Home for the New Year [Updated]

gift guide to home improvement

[Updated 12/1/2022]

Shopping for family and friends is a little more than stressful, but it doesn't have to be. Here’s a quick gift guide that can help you find a gift that is functional and useful while actively helping them in their daily life, personal or professional.

For parents or caregivers juggling with kids and work

parents at home with kids working

  • AGH550 - The most powerful true HEPA unit in Airthereal’s roster, with the ability to clean the air of a large room in 20 minutes. Perfectly suited to keeping a crowded space free of airborne particles.
  • ADH50B - A lightweight, portable true HEPA air purifier that can be moved from a nightstand to a desk in the home office with ease.
  • APH320 - A WiFi-enabled smart air purifier you can control from your mobile device, while working remotely at home or while in the office. 

For teachers protecting the health of their students

remote learning and remote teaching

  • APH260 - The air purifier preferred by schools nationwide for its unique UV-C and anion function options, in addition to the medical grade true HEPA filter option that comes with it.
  • MA5000 - An ozone generator that can sterilize spaces up to a 1000 square feet is a great tool for any instructor that is working inside a school and needs to clean at the end of each day.
  • PA1K-GO - This portable ozone generator can sterilize any unfamiliar space while on the go. Use this ozone machine to quickly disinfect bathrooms, closets, and other small rooms.

For business owners dedicated to keeping spaces clean

small business owners reopening

  • MA10K-PRO Smart - This smart, WiFi-enabled ozone generator is perfect for businesses that need to do ozone treatments at the end or start of each day before customers come in. Control this device via the AIRIA mobile app.
  • AGH550 - Perfect for a large business, like a gym or grocery store, that needs to keep the air flowing in the space, especially if there are customers inside frequently.
  • APH320 Smart - This smart, WiFi-enabled true HEPA air purifier is great for smaller businesses like a hair salon or flower shop. More budget-friendly than the AGH550, but just as effective. Control this device via the AIRIA mobile app.

For people having trouble sleeping


  • 500ml Aroma Diffuser - Aromatherapy at home is a great way to settle your nerves, decrease your stress and help prepare you for better sleep at nighttime. 
  • ADH50B - A lightweight, portable true HEPA air purifier that can be moved to your bedside from your office and provide not only clean air, but white noise to aid with sleep.

For dealing with bugs and other pests***

bug infestations use ozone

  • MA10K-PRO Smart -  This WiFi-enabled ozone machine can be used by homeowners to kill spiders, ants, termites, bedbugs and other infestations that may crop up in the home. Turn it on while you're out of the house to ensure safety. 
  • MA10K-PRODIGI - This popular unit is one used most frequently by our customers. Works for large and small spaces, from a commercial office building to a vehicle.

***Ozone is a natural sterilizer that is harmful to humans and animals or anything that needs oxygen, basically. It will kill insects inside an ozoned space. Allow up to 30 minutes for ozone to dissipate.

For a family or couple renting or buying a car or home

  • PA1K-GO - This portable ozone generator can sterilize any space or vehicle you're renting. Quickly disinfect bathrooms, closets, and other small rooms.
  • B50-PRO - This tiny unit is great for clearing small spaces of smoke and other foul odors previous owners may have left behind.
  • APH230C - Our largest, budget-friendly unit is great for first-time renters who want a clean, fresh home to move into. 
  • Water Leak Detector - Protect the space you're renting from water damage with WiFi-enabled water leak detectors. Place these tiny units near pipes or anywhere with frequent water running to alert you in case of leakage.

For anyone with allergies or prone to illness

experiencing allergies or chronic illness

  • AGH380  - This medical-grade air purifier with UV-C sterilization is one of our most effective machines that can clear out allergens and pollutants quickly.
  • PA1K-GO - While out and about, be assured that your car or any small, unoccupied space will be properly disinfected with your portable ozonator by your side.
  • B50 Mini - Our tiniest ozone machine still packs a punch for small ozone treatments as needed.

For those on the West Coast dealing with wildfire smoke

wildfire smoke air purifier


  • AGH550 - Wildfire season is an unfortunate reality for many living on the West Coast, from California to Oregon to Washington. Many customers have attested this unit being incredibly helpful in filtering out the smoke polluting the air. 
  • APH320 - This smart, WiFi-enabled air purifier is one of our best units for filtering out bad air. Adjust from your phone on the AIRIA app, whether you're home or not.

For the pet owner or plant parent

remove pet dander

  • APH230C - Dog dads and plant moms alike swear by this air purifier that clears out pet dander and odors quickly in spaces up to 315 square feet.
  • Portable Water Heater - One of the best ways to clean a dirty pet outside or provide clean water to your garden, a portable, outdoor gas water heater. Instantly provides 1.58 gallons of hot water per minute wherever you are.

As the climate changes, the air we breathe is more important than ever. Give the gift of stress-free living at home and work with smart home improvement devices.

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