Fight Pet Odors and Remove Pet Dander with Our Help

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We love our pets, we really do. They’re members of our family and they’re soft and cuddly and cute, while showering us with unconditional love. But, and you know there’s a “but” coming...they can cause accidents and bad smells and activate allergies of all kinds. Being a dog or cat parent is one of the greatest pleasures in life but there are headaches and we have products that have been proven to help pet parents in the past!

Combatting Pet Odors and Smells

ozone machine to get rid of pet odors

Ozone generators are powerful and can help root out the most aggressive smells leftover from pet training days or whenever an accident happened or from a previous owner’s pet. A lot of homeowners with an entire family of pets find ozonators to be especially useful. “We keep it [MA5000] up once a week because we have cats and dogs. No pet odors, no ancient cigar smoke odors. Just clean. I love it.” A verified customer told us in their review.

Ozone machines can also help out people who are especially sensitive to bad smells with asthma or extreme sensitivity to allergens in the long-term. “We have a 1928 house that we have been dealing with pet and mildew smells in the basement and after 4 days at 40 min a day the odors are gone! Upstairs in our bedroom, my wife no longer needs to use her inhaler at night from her allergy-induced asthma,” The Abrams family shared in their review of the MA5000 ozone generator.

Ozone is an incredibly powerful natural sterilizer that has been helping families and businesses all over keep their homes and spaces free of bacteria, viruses, mold spores and other unwanted pathogens and smells. Because ozone is super effective at killing these things, rooms MUST be unoccupied when the machine is running. Allow 30 minutes after running to allow the ozone to dissipate! Learn more about how ozone works over on our blog

Clearing Pet Dander from the Air

air purifier for pet allergies

Air purifiers are essential in maintaining good, clean air in your space. Suffering from pet allergies or asthma? True HEPA Air Purifiers are your best friend! We love our animals so much we’re willing to go through mild misery for them. A True HEPA filter quickly removes 99.97% of dust, pet dander, odors and other pollutants, improving your breathing and protecting your lungs. Pet dander is a large particle which our air purifiers catch and remove from the air, no matter how many pets you have. 

“This thing [AGH550] is an absolute tank. The first few days I left it on the highest setting, then I scaled it back and I left it running 24/7. In a month of owning it, I have noticed a substantial reduction in the dust collection on surfaces in my living room and kitchen. We also have a dog and cat so hair is always an issue. This unit cleans the air and collects a ton of hair on the outside.” A verified reviewer shared with us. 

Not just any air purifier can help with pet allergies and asthma, the machine in question has to be high-powered with True HEPA filtration. Pet dander is harmless but your immune system sees them as an invasive threat regardless, causing your senses to go haywire. Continuously running a True HEPA air purifier every day, even on low, will help with this persistent problem.

pet dander living room air purifier

“This was my first purchase for an air purifier and I wasn’t really sure if it would be helpful. I have allergies and asthma. I also have 3 dogs and a teenager who can produce rather interesting aromas from time to time. This [APH260] purifier was a life saver. I have not suffered any allergy symptoms since I started using it. The dog dander and pet hair reduction was noticeable. I placed it in our living room, nearer to my HVAC system, which used to breed dust, and it had made a dramatic difference.” Lee, a verified customer, shared with us in her review.

Loving your pets doesn’t have to mean living in sniffly, smelly agony. Using the right tools in your home or office or commercial space can help improve your air quality and the overall quality of your life immensely. That sounds a bit exaggerated but how different will your life be once you can breathe better inside your own home? It’s time to eradicate odors and inhale clean air!

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