Breathing Safely While Indoors: A TechGuru Review of the Medical-Grade Air Purifier

Our newest and one of our most powerful air purifiers with a medical-grade H13 HEPA filter, AGH380, has been very well-received by customers and reviewers alike. One of those reviewers, Nerd Techy, broke down why exactly they rated our AGH380 an incredible 9.1 out of 10!


TechGuru’s main pros are:
-Medical-grade filter removes ultra-fine particles.
-UV-C sanitizer kills viruses and bacteria.
-Five fan speeds, plus auto mode.
-Very quiet operation.

Their main cons are:
-Pricey replacement filters.
-Too large for some rooms.

The AGH380 is one of our larger units, making it extremely powerful. "The AGH380 is rated to handle 224 cubic feet of air per minute. This means it’s capable of purifying up to a 550-square foot area. Of course, the 550-square foot number assumes that you have standard, 8-foot ceilings. If you’ve got 10-foot cathedral ceilings, that drops to just over 400 square feet. Even so, you’re able to manage a fairly large area. You can filter an entire mid-sized apartment, or a few rooms in a larger house. All in all, this is one of the more powerful air filters out there, but there’s always a stronger option. If you want the maximum coverage for a home air purifier, check out the Airthereal Glory Days AGH550 Air Purifier. It covers an impressive 750 square feet. If you want more than that, you’ll need a whole house purifier!” TechGuru explains in their review.

The main appeal of this particular air purifier are the medical-grade filters and the UV-C sanitizer function. This machine will effectively wipe your air clean from any danger. As TechGuru said, "The ultraviolet sanitizer is designed for killing bacteria and viruses that made it past the HEPA filter. It uses UV-C rays, which break down DNA and other essential cellular components. Basically, it kills any living cells that pass through the light. The nice thing about the enclosed sanitizer is that you don’t have to worry about the light getting out. It treats your air without posing any danger to you, your kids, or your pets.”

Read more of TechGuru’s thorough and detailed review with photos here.

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