Airthereal Announces New Distributor Partnership with Maxtech Trade Ltd.
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2/22/2021 - Airthereal is excited to announce that we have established an exclusive partnership with Maxtech Trade Ltd. in Hungary. We will work together to continue providing the quality products and excellent service for our Hungarian customers.

Maxtech Trade ltd. is a young, innovative and fast-growing company. In a short time, they became a stable and successful player in online retail in Hungary with the launch of the web shop. It is of paramount importance for the business that the brand is synonymous with professional customer service and the distribution of quality products. One of the main creeds of their business policy is that their products will be delivered to their customers as soon as possible so that it is possible to order the products with even one day of delivery.

It was a great honor for Airthereal to choose us  as the exclusive distributor in Hungary. We are certain that they are facing a very successful collaboration,” Bence Szekeres, founding member and managing director of Maxtech, said.

Consumers today are increasingly interested in fresh air and their health and wellbeing, with air purifiers and ozone generators becoming basic necessities to ensure a clean space. We anticipate rapid and continued growth for air purifiers and ozone generators. “We couldn't be happier to partner with Maxtech and greatly appreciate the expertise of Maxtech in a strong marketing network and local advantage that will enable us to serve local residents better and achieve our business goals,” Amany Feng, Airthereal product manager, said.

We are confident that the partnership will bring an increased range of coverage and strength of representation of our air treatment products to this important market. We value our clients in Hungary and are happy to welcome Maxtech as our Hungarian distributor.

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