9 Fun Ideas to Make Dad Happy For Father's Day

 father's day 2021

You’ve gone all out for mom, now it's dad’s turn. He might be a low maintenance guy or the kind of dude that loves crazy experiences, either way he definitely wants to feel special that Sunday! We have a few ideas on how to make the dad in your life delighted this Father’s Day.

For Dads Who Want to Get Outside

beer festival outdoor concert for dad

  • Go to a beer festival, a car show, a brewery tour, a baseball game, anything that’s open to the vaccinated public for the first time in a year. These kinds of events have been out of commission for awhile and your dad will appreciate getting out and mingling.
  • Put together a massive cookout or picnic at the park or beach day / pool party extravaganza. It’s the summer and dad wants to eat grilled food, like the rest of us!
  • Go on a road trip, take dad camping or hiking outside of your usual area. 

For Dads Staying at Home

father's day brunch at home

  • Virtual cooking classes and cooking challenges are a great way to stay indoors and still make a mess while having a bunch of fun.
  • Treat him with breakfast in bed or a home-cooked dinner with multiple courses and get the entire family involved for an entertaining bonding experience, while also avoiding having to do all the work yourself 😉 . 
  • Create a spa day at home for dad, complete with a deep-tissue massage and mud bath if you can swing it. Go all out with the cucumber slices, face masks, and ambient music with palm fronds swaying, etc, you get the idea.

For Any and All Dads

leave dad alone
  • Throw a surprise backyard cookout or brunch with the whole extended family, an outdoor movie night or even backyard camping or a scavenger hunt. The possibilities for fun are almost endless when you have plenty of outdoor space!
  • Embrace the simple and quiet life with a bike ride through the countryside or on the beach or take him fishing at nearest lake.
  • Leave him alone! Seriously, take you and anyone else that lives there out of the house and let him choose how he wants to spend his day.

Whether your dad is itching to get back outdoors or wants to relax at home, there are a myriad of ways to make him happy on Father’s Day. All it takes is a little imagination and effort. Have a wonderful holiday with your family!

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