The Secret Weapon to a Good Night’s Sleep is an Air Purifier

true HEPA air purifier for clean air

If you’re like me, you get terrible sleep. There could be a myriad of reasons why a person doesn’t sleep well, for example:

  • being a light sleeper (even the tiniest noise will wake you up)
  • stress from the day spilling over into the night
  • unable to breathe well, causing you to toss and turn
  • it’s too quiet in the room
  • interference from certain medications
  • stale or bad smells in the air

The list can go on and on and on forever because the reality is there are a LOT of reasons why people like us don’t sleep well or through the night. We’re here to share with you a no-brainer way to combat some of the things listed above.

Purify the air for better sleep

true HEPA desktop air purifier

A true HEPA air purifier is a great way to improve the air quality in your home, which in turn can improve your overall sleeping pattern. The worse the air quality, the harder it is for you to breathe, thus causing you to toss and turn to get more comfortable, which completely messes up your sleep.

Studies have shown that there is evidence of prolonged exposure to unclean air causing sleep apnea, a potentially serious medical condition where a person’s breathing repeatedly stops and starts. “Chronic exposure to greater levels of air pollution may adversely influence breathing during sleep, suggesting possible etiologies of sleep health disparities,” according to one study.

With all that in mind, having a true HEPA air purifier next to you while you sleep sounds like an excellent health-conscious choice! Allowing an air purifier to run continuously, while you sleep, will help improve the indoor air quality and reduce dust and other airborne particles disrupting your breathing. 

Doubles as a white noise machine

car compatible air purifier

From a personal point of view, I’ve used my air purifier to not only clean the dusty, desert air but to also block out annoying sounds that may happen throughout the night. My ceiling fan makes a ticking sound on high, my dog snores, my husband occasionally talks in his sleep, my neighbors party late some nights; I experience a plethora of sounds every night. That coupled with being a light sleeper is a recipe for me not getting very good sleep. 

A few months ago, I started using my ADH80 in the bedroom while I slept and it helped not only me, but my husband as well. We sleep better through the night, because on levels 2 or 3, the fan lets out a soft but white noise-like that drowns out smaller bedroom noises. (Similar to a window box fan but much more soothing.) On the lowest setting, you can’t hear the fan at ALL, which is great for during the day when you want it quiet. 

Your nose needs a break too

sleep with an air purifier

While most of your senses get to take a break while you rest, your nose doesn’t. It needs to make sure air gets from outside your body to inside your lungs. And that’s difficult to do when the air is not only dusty and dirty but smelly as well.

Bad smells and odors will mess with the quality of your sleep. While you may eventually drift off to sleep, your nose and brain are registering those bad smells, which isn’t comfortable at all. How can you sleep comfortably when not all 100% of you is resting easy?

A powerful true HEPA air purifier like our AGH550 is designed for big rooms and clear out the space of pet dander, undesirable smells and dust, so you can sleep and breathe easier. Don’t take clean air for granted when it comes to your sleep health.

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