Say Hello to Our New Perfectly Portable Ozone Generator

portable mini ozone generator for cars and travel

Due to the increased demand and popularity of our ozone generators, our team wanted to meet the need for a smaller unit that is portable but powerful. Our larger units like the MA10K-PRODIGI and MA5000 are incredibly efficient but best for much larger spaces like warehouses, office buildings and restaurants. On the other side of the size scale, our B50 Mini series are great for smaller spaces and more specific functions (tackling mold in the bathroom, for example). 

That leaves us without a middle ground! What about travel and vehicles? What about staying somewhere that isn’t your house? What about visiting unfamiliar places? What about the annoying cord? That’s where our brand new PA50-GO Portable Ozone Generator comes in! Let’s explore the newest member of our family.

mini portable ozone generator

The Small Space Sterilizer

What makes this new machine different from the others?

  • It’s completely portable with a lithium battery! It doesn’t need to be plugged into anything in order to run unlike the other devices. The first of its kind in our collection!
  • It's cordless and rechargeable via micro USB cable and can run up to four hours on a full charge.

Where exactly can I take this?

  • Wherever you go! Your car, to the gym, any bathroom, closets, office space, while you travel and more. Think of this as your personal, lightweight deodorizer (for unoccupied spaces only!)

ozone generator for cars and travel

What can I use it for?

  • Removing intense smells and odors
  • Getting rid and preventing mold from growing
  • Inactivating most viruses and bacteria
  • Disinfecting/sterilizing surfaces

How cost efficient is it? 

  • Considering the rechargeable battery, the mobility, how powerful it is, for only $49.99, we can safely say it’s one of our most cost effective units out there, not just in our collection!

portable ozone generator to fight mold in bathrooms

How do I use it?

  • Step 1: Make sure all people (including you!), pets and plants are out of the area you want to use the ozone generator in.*
  • Step 2: Press and hold the power button for three seconds to turn on.
  • Step 3: Select the mode you want to use: timer mode (with various times available) or set to HOLD, to run continuously until turned off.
  • Step 4: Once ozone treatment is completed, air out the affected area for at least 30 minutes before allowing people, pets and plants back in the area.*
*NOTE: This is incredibly important as ozone is not healthy for oxygen breathers, that’s why it kills smells and other gross things!

traveling with ozone generator

Whether you’re disinfecting your car or deodorizing a home rental for a quiet getaway, our PA50-GO is lightweight and travel-friendly. Don’t worry about gross bacteria or bad smells indoors wherever you go. Shop >

Now, including our PA1K-GO

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  • Good info. Please consider offering a video that demonstrates the basic chemistry and explicit directions for safety for optimal use. Thank you!

    Patti P.

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