Relax with Your New Aroma Diffuser Plus Tips to Create an At-Home Oasis

 aroma diffuser with remote control

Our aroma diffuser just launched and right on time because it’s cold, snowy, and gray outside.  We don’t want to leave the house, we want to relax!

There are so many different ways to create an at-home oasis using a few simple things and adjusting your state of mind. We’ll help you relax in the best way possible for you. Let’s check out the tips below.

Location and Mood are the Foundation

Whether you’re in an apartment, a large home, or even traveling and staying in a hotel or rental home, the location and mood are the most important things to establish.

home oasis spa relaxation station

  • Choose which place in your space you want to create your relaxation station.
    • Baths and beds are usually the go-tos but options can also include the patio, the sunroom, living room, anywhere you want to associate with relaxing. 
  • Set the tone with cozy decor.
    • Use string lights to replace the overhead lights for better and lower lighting.
    • Pile pillows and soft blankets strategically around you.
    • Choose the decor of the room in neutral or warm colors.
    • Sheer curtains or sheets of fabric draped over a canopy bed.
    • Unscented fairy lights (faux lights preferred) in holders and water bowls for added light.

Choose Sights and Sounds Wisely

The aroma of the room and the sounds you take in are very crucial to how you relax in your space. Aromatherapy has been a proven method in relieving stress. Our brains associate memories, moods, and feelings with scents. Our eyes, whether open or closed while we relax, still process the sights around us.

aroma diffuser for homes

  • Candles are one of the most popular sources of soothing scents.
    • Our recommendation is to get a couple of large fragrant candles to place nearby.
    • Place an array of candles with similar scents around the space for both ambience and aroma.
  • Aroma diffusers are an easier and less messy way to create the exact relaxing bouquet you desire. 
    • Our diffuser has a remote control giving you access to it without getting up, comes with multiple light options, and adjustable mist settings. Choose your favorite essential oil, drop it in and take it easy.

Treat Your Body Well

Body lotions, hemp, CBD oils, and other spa-like items are among the many items you can topically use to relax your body and mind.

spa lotion essential oils

  • Body oils or lotion with CBD have been lauded as helping with anxiety and stress relief.
  • A beauty mask or eye mask will help put you in the right frame of mind.
  • Access to a massage chair? Absolutely use it. 
  • Wear comfy clothes, like silk PJs or soft fleece robes.

And if you happen to fall asleep, that’s okay! If you feel chill enough to actually nap in your oasis, that means you’ve done something right. Enjoy your time off, you’ve earned it. 

Prepare ahead of time to either blow out the candles before you go deep into sleep or have someone check on you to make sure. Safety is very important and a small fire is definitely not relaxing.

white aroma diffuser

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