Love is in the Air: Valentine's Day Giveaway

Hey Airthereal family, 

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, are you preparing gifts for your partner or loved one? To help you make this Valentine's Day the best one yet, we've lined up some gifts to give away.

air purifier giveaway

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We’ll choose 2 winners at random to receive an APH230C Air Purifier on February 10, 2021, 11:59 pm EST.


  • Open to US and EU residents.
  • Giveaway is open from Feb. 1-10, 2021.
  • Winners will be chosen on February 10, 2021, 11:59 pm EST.
  • Airthereal reserves the right of final explanation on campaigns and winning submissions.


  • I waited until later in life to find the right one. She finally showed up in my life on February 11, 2013. She was in town for the first time on a work trip and showed up to a mixer where I was promoting my waterski school. She walked up to me and grabbed a brochure and said, “Waterskiing? Who the heck waterski’s anymore?” I told her about my vision bringing watersking back to the public lakes. “It’s so much sexier than wakeboarding,” I told her. I offered a free lesson to show her how to ski and she accepted! Next day, we’re on the boat and after showing her how to put a ski on, proper stance and body position, she got in the water and she got up on the first time! I was amazed. Then she started cutting across the wake like a pro.

    Like….better than I can ski.

    After the run she got in the boat and I said “Um, so I take it this isn’t your first time?” Her response: “Yeah….I was the captain of my waterski team at Sacramento State. Sorry I played you, but you were so darn cute in givng me my lesson that I didn’t have the heart to burst your bubble”

    Me: “Burst my bubble?! Do you know how to drive a boat too?”
    Her: “Been pulling my dad since I was seven years old.”

    My heart melted. She was hot, blonde, waterskied AND knew how to drive a boat! I was in love, 100% . I jumped in the water and she pulled me perfectly.
    Margarita’s and a sunset followed. She was leaving for another city on Valentine’s Day.

    Me: “How about you move your flight by one day and be my Valentine?” I asked.
    Her: “I can’t move my flight, but I WILL be your Valentine, let’s just make Valentine’s Day on the 13th…” she said with a smile.

    We are now married and have three beautiful kiddos.

    Eight years later, we still celebrate our Vday on the 13th.

    These kids make our house stink. I’d love to give my wife your door prize for Valentine’s Day.
    It used to be ski and boat accessories…now we understand the “sexy” in having clean air!

    Pick us! Pick us!

    Much Love,


    R.E. HUIE
  • We have the ozone generator and several purifiers that we love. The best! My husband and I have 7 kids. We met in high school in 2002 during lunch. I’ll never forget smiling from ear to ear as he talked and making the silliest comment on the steps outside. We exchanged phone numbers right then and we have been inseparable ever since. We both knew we were the one, right then.

    Inyeda White
  • I met my husband through his cousin that I worked with. We talked for hours on the phone before meeting. He would send flowers to my job and house. He such a romantic. Our first date was at a local Italian restaurant and we hit it off right away. A year later we married.

    Pamela Massey
  • My Airthereal Air Filter puts good vibes in the air flowing around in my house, and if it ever gets out of line it’s time to turn on the Ozone Generator, and we go back to the good vibes again.

    David Philbin
  • We have an arterial ozonator and we love it. Please set it up in the room and leave and let it work its magic. It freshens the air and makes breathing seem much easier

    Tami Daley

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