Freshen Up and Deep Clean Your Car and Other Small Spaces

cleaning small spaces 

One of the most popular ways our ozone generators are being used is to disinfect, decontaminate, deodorize and deep clean vehicles, large and small. Car professionals all over have been tagging us on Instagram, sharing their car cleaning process. Ozone generators are useful for clearing out other small spaces of odors, bacteria, mold and more like closets, bathrooms, garages, offices, etc.

Car Cleaning for Beginners

car clean ozone

Most of us really don’t like the chore of cleaning, least of all in a small, enclosed space like a car. With an ozone generator, this process is a lot faster and more reassuring because you know it’s a sterilized space once the ozone has dissipated. Car detailers will take care of most, if not all, of your car cleaning needs but for the DIYers, here’s a mini checklist for cleaning the interior:

  • Remove all mats, shake them out and clean them
  • Vacuum all carpet and upholstery, then shampoo
  • Clean all surfaces with antibacterial spray or soap
  • If you have leather seats, use a microfiber cloth and nontoxic cleaner
  • Spot clean all windows and mirrors
  • Double check areas often overlooked like the sides of the seat and pedals
  • Turn on your ozone machine and leave it in the car for at least 10-15 minute treatment for a general cleaning. If there's a need for odor removal, you may need to extend your ozone treatments.*

Freshening Up the Bathroom

bathroom deep clean mold

Bathrooms are where mold likes to congregate the most. Black mold is very, very bad for your health. Cleaning the bathroom is also one of our least favorite activities. First step, we recommend running an ozone generator in the bathroom first to get rid of any mold on the walls, nooks or crannies.* Next step:

  • Dust off your surfaces first before adding moisture, otherwise the dust gets wet and smears around, making things harder
  • Scrub all surfaces completely clean of mold, soap scum, dirt, etc. 
  • Wipe down your mirrors and windows with glass cleaner
  • Shake out bath mats, throw them in the washer and then air dry them
  • Clean out the filters/air vents (change filter if needed or get a small air purifier for the bathroom)
  • Thoroughly sweep and mop the floor

Air Out the Closet 

ozone generator shoe closet clean

A surprising amount of people have separate closets for just their shoes, gym clothes and other specialized accessories/items that aren’t everyday basics. Shoe closets can get especially foul-smelling after a while and often with terrible ventilation, can be a breeding ground for fungus or mold. That particular problem can also be easily handled with an ozonator. Here’s how to keep it clean: 

  • Using antibacterial wipes or soap and water and damp microfiber cloth, wipe down all surfaces, use glass cleaner for mirrors and glass
  • Carpeted floors: move everything off the floor and vacuum, after dusting surfaces
    • Sprinkle some baking soda into the carpet for 15 minutes before you vacuum it and you will notice a difference in smell immediately
  • Hardwood floors: move everything off the floor, sweep and mop, after dusting surfaces
  • If there’s an air vent, make sure to dust that as well and keep it clear
  • To prevent smells from creeping back in, use fabric softener sheets or baking soda or baby powder in each shoe

Half the battle of keeping small spaces clean is how often they get dirty because they’re often high-traffic or multi-use spaces. With an ozone generator, the cleaning process gets cut down, making the challenge more manageable. That’s what we’re here to help you with!

*Ozone is an incredibly powerful natural sterilizer that has been helping businesses and medical professionals across the world keep surfaces free of bacteria, viruses, mold spores and other unwanted pathogens and smells. Because it is effective at killing these things, spaces MUST be unoccupied when the machine is on. Allow 30 minutes after running to allow the ozone to dissipate! Learn more about how ozone works over on our blog.

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