Beginner’s Guide to Getting Great Indoor Air Quality

beginner's guide to indoor air quality

Air pollution isn’t just an outdoor problem, it can very much affect you indoors as well. It wasn’t until last year that indoor air quality awareness reached the mainstream. This is thanks to the dreaded coronavirus traveling through the air and wreaking havoc. The emphasis on clean air and surfaces is more important than ever. 

Most people are solely lacking in indoor air quality knowledge and that’s not their fault! There isn’t a whole of education or easy ways to learn the basic ways to keep the air inside of your home clean. We can help out any homeowner, renter or first-time business owner that may not know exactly where to start.

Air it all out

open your windows

Open up all the windows and doors, turn all the ceiling fans on, turn on the air purifier and open all the vents, so you can properly vent the entire space. During the best seasons, keep your windows open to natural air flow in and out. 

Get rid of all air pollutants

air purifier for pollutants

Look around your space and do a check of any materials, items, chemicals, etc that could muck up the air in your space. We strongly recommend keeping your greenery outdoors or in an enclosed area to prevent the growth of mold.

If that “air pollutant” happens to be a cute, furry friend, we deeply recommend that you purchase a budget-friendly air purifier and robot mop/vacuum to assist with pet dander and hair clean-up. Have you ever seen a puppy react to a robot vac? Hilarious. 

Maintenance and cleaning

ozone generator for bad smells

Regular cleaning and replacement of ventilation filters will go a long way in your air quality upkeep and keeping the space fresh. Dust everything down before you wipe it clean. We recommend using natural cleaners versus more toxic chemicals that can build up over time or hurt your lungs and eyes if not properly ventilated.

Don’t forget to thoroughly clean your kitchen vents as well as the exhaust fans in the bathroom and laundry room. If you have an ozone generator, this can help with deep cleaning and getting rid of mold, mildew and other unpleasant odors.

Update your air purification system

air ventilation home

Medical-grade air filters and a true HEPA air purifier should be added to your indoor air quality system. The pandemic made many restaurant owners and other small businesses realize their ventilation systems were incredibly poor, resulting in bad air quality in their spaces.

A powerful air purifying system will cover all of your bases when it comes to keeping the air as clean as possible, frequently. 

Home improvement time

home improvement

Small updates around the home can help overall clean air longevity like removing unnecessary carpeting and creating more ventilation in your bedroom and kitchen. Carpets are the biggest culprits in holding dust, dirt, pet hair and other things that muck up the air.

Install ceiling fans or invest in other stylish fans to create more air flow in spaces that lack them like closets and garages. If you’re feeling extra adventurous, knock out some wall space to add more windows!

This guide is a simple way for you to get started on a process that works for your home or office. Indoor air quality is incredibly important and can no longer be taken for granted. Your lungs will thank you.

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