As Your Needs Change, So Should Your Air Purifier

true HEPA and medical grade air purifiers on a budget

The last 12 months have taught us the importance of clean, fresh air. Not just outdoors, but inside your own home. 

With these lessons, more folks own air purifiers than ever before. And with life happening so quickly, your family or business may have outgrown your air purifier. 

We’ll help guide you through the next steps in leveling up your air purifying system.

Moving from a Small to Large Space

moving from a small or large space

This is the most common scenario we’ve seen people go through. Whether you’re going from an apartment to a house or vice versa, your air purifier will need updated. 

A large True HEPA air purifier like the AGH550 is perfect for a family home. You don’t have to move it from room to room to make sure the air is circulating throughout your space.

New Addition to the Family

help baby breathe better

Congratulations, you’ve got a little one joining the household! A furbaby like a cat or dog will inevitably produce a lot of dander and shed hair that dust will cling to. An air purifier like APH230C is purrr-fectly (sorry, we had to) suited to dealing with pet dander and odors. 

If you’ve got a newborn baby coming home, it’s important to make sure the air they breathe is as clean as possible. Our ADH80 air purifier is small, compact, and quiet, so it can go right next to the crib on the nightstand. 

Bonus, it’s car-compatible so you can have it going in the car when you leave the hospital or house with the baby.

Living in a New Environment

city smog use an air purifier

Are the following scenarios familiar to you: lived in the big city and recently moved to the desert or moving from the countryside to a smoggy metropolis? Well, trust us, you’re not alone. 

Our bodies take time to get used to new environments and an air purifier can help with this tremendously. Folks living in Los Angeles, Portland, or any city along the West Coast swear by our AGH550 and APH260 air purifiers. 

The APH260 is compatible with two different types of filters: true HEPA and medical-grade H13 HEPA. It also has UVC sanitizer. If you’ve left the city but are now dealing with pollen and other natural allergens, our AGH380 with a medical-grade filter will be your new best friend.

Going Back to Work Indoors

medical grade air purifier for the office

With more businesses slowly opening up, more people are working indoors in close proximity to each other. A medical-grade air purifier like the AGH380 is crucial. 

This is because of the H13 filter, which removes 99.97% of particles that are 0.1 microns or larger. A normal HEPA filter (H10-H12) removes 99.97% of particles that are 0.3 microns or larger.

Keep yourself and the people around you safe with an air purifier that will catch even the smallest particles.

Stuck Inside Often

compact and small air purifier for home office

You may have the opposite situation from the last tip, you’re working from home indefinitely or remote learning for the rest of the year. That cheap air purifier you rushed out to buy last year is just not going to cut it anymore!

Upgrade your home office with ADH50B, our desktop true HEPA air purifier; small enough to fit on your desk, but powerful enough to refresh the air quickly.

Developing Health Issues

protect yourself from viruses and illness

Unfortunately, we are living in a pandemic and health problems affecting our lungs have increased across the world. More people are learning they’re dealing with breathing issues, whether due to COVID-19 infection or other illnesses.

Ensure the air you breathe is the cleanest possible with a medical-grade air purifier like AGH380 or APH260.

Increasing Environmental Problems

wildfire smoke

Another global problem affecting our daily health is the continued problem of climate change. Wildfires raged out of control in 2020 and will continue to do so as global warming continues to persist.

Our largest and most powerful unit has been consistently reviewed as being very worthwhile during the worst of the wildfire smoke along the West Coast.

No matter what changes happen, it’s always good to remember to protect your health and stay prepared for whatever adventures life throws at you next.

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