7 Ways to Make Mom Relax For Mother's Day

 mother's day at home

It’s certainly a stressful time in our lives, isn’t it? Social distancing rules put a bit of a damper on celebrating holidays and events with your family and friends. That doesn’t mean we give up, it means we get creative! We’ve put together a list of ways to treat all the moms in your life to a relaxing Mother’s Day. They deserve it.

Arrange a family video chat

video chat for moms

Whether you’re sheltering-in-place with your mom or treating the mother of your kids to a fun treat, a celebratory video chat is absolutely in order! All you have to do is arrange all the details ahead of time, don’t let her plan a single thing. If she’s into surprises, make sure she’s looking camera-ready and then surprise her with a fun gathering of her favorite people. The video chat social gatherings have really taken off during this world health crisis and it’s a great way for moms everywhere to feel connected to their loved ones.

Champagne brunch at home

brunch at home

Let the first meal of her day be a feast. Going to a restaurant is no longer an option but all you need is a few bottles of champagne (splurge on the good stuff if you’re able to!), an array of juice flavors for her to choose from and mix with, her favorite breakfast meal on deck or a breakfast sampler so she can have a little bit of everything, a nice bouquet of flowers, a couple candles and you’re already on your way to giving her the perfect Mother’s Day brunch at home.

A walk in nature

walk outside nature

The priority right now, if you’re a non-essential worker, is to stay inside of your home as much as you can and avoid people. However, it is okay to take a walk outside along a trail or go to a park (while staying at least 6 feet away from the nearest stranger). A nature hike (if she’s into that) is a great way to break up the somewhat monotonous time spent indoors, while also getting her out into the sunshine for much-needed Vitamin D. Bonus if you guys head out around lunch time, you can make it a fun picnic!

Give her fresh air at home

fresh air true hepa air purifier

All that time spent indoors can take a mental toll but also a physical one if the home you’re living in has poor insulation and filters or is in a heavily polluted area. One of the best gifts you can give her is an Airthereal True HEPA Air Purifier. Depending on the size of the space she lives in, we recommend the powerful AGH550 that will refresh her home in less than 20 minutes. If that’s too big, our ADH80 and ADH50B True HEPA air purifiers are more compact so she can move them around the house as needed, like in a home office or the bedroom!

Make her a relaxation toolkit

bathtub relaxation for moms

You may be asking yourself, “what on Earth is a relaxation toolkit?”. Well, it can be anything that promotes relaxation, serenity and inner focus. Gather a list of scents, colors, snacks, and other things you know she likes and use it to inform your kit. Once you’ve completed it (add it to a cute wicker basket with a bow!), hand it off to her, while you prepare her a nice, soothing bath with a glass of wine next to it. Here are a some examples of things you can add to your toolkit:

  • Essential oils and oil diffuser
  • Assortment of calming teas (lavender is a great option)
  • A silk robe
  • Fuzzy, soft slippers
  • A heated or weighted blanket
  • Soy, chamomile and lavender candles 
  • A new book from her favorite author
  • An adult coloring book
  • A stress ball
  • Pedicure set
  • Himaylayan pink bath salts
  • Bathtub caddy to hold her things 
  • Mini bottles of her favorite wine or liquor

Make dinner for her

dinner for two

The obvious option here is to make her a dinner worthy of her amazingness. Set the entire thing up as if you’re taking her out on the town for a wonderful meal. What’s her favorite place to eat or her favorite thing to order at a fancy restaurant? Use that to build a fun, three-course meal to make her feel extravagant. If you happen to have kids that can walk and talk, use them to be the servers for the meal and helpers in the kitchen!

Your turn to clean

ozone generator for bad odors

Did you really think you could get through this list without cleaning something? In most households, the deep cleaning typically falls on the mom. At the very least on Mother’s Day, you can take on this burden. Let it be a surprise for her! Deep clean before she wakes up on Mother’s Day or after she’s gone to bed the night before. Clean every surface from top to bottom, open up the windows to air out any weird smells (or buy an ozone generator to get rid of really aggressive odors), tidy up any cluttered spaces, start the laundry, clean out her car and whatever else she usually takes on herself. Treat her right!

Happy Mother’s Day!

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