3 Ways to Update Your Home With WiFi-Enabled Devices

 wifi enabled smart devices for home

Some things are just easier when you can control it from your phone. Adjusting the temperature of your home? A smart thermostat is handy. Need to create more ice for an upcoming party? Your smart fridge can adjust as necessary. Want to make sure your home is secure? A smart home security system with cameras will do the trick. There are so many ways to make your home smarter, giving you the power of control from your smartphone. 

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What about keeping the air quality of your home at a good level? Or deep cleaning a space that’s become odor-filled? Or preventing water damage while you’re away? Airthereal has three products that can help keep your inner sanctum clean and comfortable.

WiFi-Enabled Smart Ozone Generator

wifi smart ozone generator with app control

For those who like to ozone treat their homes or spaces, a main concern is treating without causing harm to people or pets. The MA10K-Pro Smart Ozone Generator solves that problem by way of our AIRIA app. 

  • Select the room size, pollutants sources, and control ozone output from your phone.
  • Adjust fan speed, cycle mode and other settings while you’re outside the room.
  • Control up to 20 ozone generators right from the app.

“Tested at a friend's apartment who is a heavy indoor smoker. This device is magic. We could not believe the difference in the apartment. The bells and whistles are nice. Control via app is great and also the instructions were very easy to follow and they were explicit in terms of leaving the room during operation (hard to miss which is good for safety).” From a 5-star Amazon review.

Water Leak Detector

water leak detector with app control

Preventing water damage from showers, water heaters, hoses or any other water source  is as simple as connecting these detectors to your AIRIA app.

  • Ability to get real-time alerts if a water leak is detected, so you can rectify the issue before damage is done.
  • Ultra-sensitive detectors have four detection probes on the bottom and two on the top. The sound-adjustable alarm will immediately sound and send notifications to your phone if any water leaks are detected.
  • Connect up to 24 detectors through the app wherever you need them to make sure you’re getting as much coverage as possible. 

“The app is good - easy to use once you follow the manual supplied with the devices. Each sensor can be named so that it is distinguishable in the app. When a sensor detects water, it goes into alarm and if connected to the network, your phone will provide a notification of a water leak alert at (name of device). Very cool. I freak out when water gets where it shouldn't - this kit helps put my mind at ease (a little bit). I'll buy more sensors...this system is great,” Rob B. said in a 5-star review.

WiFi Air Purifier

wifi enabled air purifier with app control

Keep the air in your home free of allergens, dust, and other pollutants with a smart device like the APH320 WiFi Air Purifier. This is especially useful if you or your family live in a wildfire-prone location or experience terrible seasonal allergies in the spring and fall.

  • Create schedules for when air purification is needed, for example while you’re away for the weekend and need to decrease or increase the fan speed.
  • Up-to-date air quality alerts that adjust in real-time and ability to check the filter status, so you’re able to order a new filter before it becomes a problem.
  • Turn features like sleep mode, UV-C and anion function, and child locks on and off right from the app.

Smartening your home is not just the “trendy” thing to do, it’s also the best option to save money, keep your space clean, and be on top of changes in your area from fire to heavy rain or other issues.

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