2023 Holiday Gift Guide to a Comfier Home

holiday gift guide

The more your family grows each year, the more complex it gets to shop for meaningful gifts that they’ll use at home, on the go, or in the office. At Airthereal, we try to make this a little easier for you. We’ve compiled a small gift guide for anyone you might be shopping for this holiday season.

Here are some gift ideas for: 

At-Home Workers

  • True HEPA Air Purifier - Being inside a lot can mean a lot of breathing in the same stale air over and over again. Especially if they live in a highly polluted or pollinated area or it’s too cold or hot with bugs, so opening a window is not an option. The best option is a true HEPA air purifier. We have many options, ranging from basic to smart, from small to large, with varying functions. 
  • Aroma Diffuser with Essential Oils - Candles are good, but with concerns about fire hazards and breathing in smoke particles, an aroma diffuser is a great alternative for putting a nice scent in the air. Our variety of essential oils will help set the tone for the day, whether it's a focused, productive work day or a chill Friday.

People with Green Thumbs

New Parents

wet-dry vacuum cleaner

  • No matter the parenthood phase, keeping the house clean is a top priority that can sometimes get neglected. Our Wet-Dry Vacuum Cleaner collection is a wonderful, easy way to keep the floors clean without spending hours mopping or scrubbing.
  • Anyone with pets or that live in a high-allergy area, this is an especially important thing to have: an air purifier. Most lists will recommend that a first-time parent get an air purifier, specifically for the baby’s room. We agree, but we recommend the WiFi-enabled air purifier, so anyone with access can control fan levels, noise and other features. 

Homeowners and Renters

ozone generators

  • Congratulate your folks moving into a new space by getting them something useful. If they’re moving into a previously lived-in space, we highly recommend running an ozone generator to get rid of any lingering odors, bugs, mold, and other unwanted things. 
  • People with pools would be delighted to have a solar-powered pool ionizer to keep things in order without much maintenance.
  • Help new homeowners prevent water damage in their beloved, new place with our water leak detector system
  • If the renter you know happens to be a college student, a portable air purifier and portable ozone generator will go a long way in helping them keep their spaces clean and fresh. Help them develop better, lifelong habits!

Teachers, Instructors, and Educators

  • Teachers will love keeping their classrooms allergen- and pollen-free with a large-sized air purifier like the AGH550 or APH320. Plus, it’s a bonus to have around when kids come to class coughing or sneezing up a storm.
  • Another helpful tool to keep classrooms clean between days is an ozone generator running after the school day is over.

Small Business Owners

  • Enterprising entrepreneurs will be grateful you thought of not just them but their day-to-day operations. Cleaning is a crucial part of keeping a business running, so give them a wet-dry vacuum cleaner that will cut cleaning time in half.
  • If they run a small restaurant or cafe, a portable ozone generator that can be used in the refrigerator would be a tremendous help. Another useful tool is the water ozone generator that can be used for cleaning fruits and vegetables.

household smart home items

We hope this gift guide can help you decide what to get your loved ones this holiday season. If they ever have questions on their products, never hesitate to check our FAQs or reach out to our customer service team

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