10 Useful, Affordable Gifts to Make Mom Smile


Mother’s Day is coming up and although we love to honor and cherish our moms every day of the year, this day is particularly special because it’s all about her! We’re compiled a list of gifts that are affordable and will be incredibly helpful in mom’s daily life.

10. Flower/Garden Grow Kits 

garden grow kit

A garden grow kit is a fun and easy way to help mom grow her own flowers or herbs without needing to leave the house and buy them. Manicured lawns are a thing of the past, help her embrace some biodiversity in her home and yard!

9. Noise-Canceling Earbuds

Get mom a piece of tech that will help her focus on what she wants to. Noise-canceling headphones or earbuds are for listening to her books, podcasts or music while she’s doing other things.

8. Espresso Machine

Your mother deserves all the nice things, that includes a fancy espresso machine where she can make her favorite coffee and tea drinks like lattes, espresso shots, or cappuccinos. 

7. Aroma Diffuser/ Essential Oils

aroma diffuser essential oils

Help mama relax at home with an aroma diffuser and essential oils set. Diffusing oils of different sets can set the mood and alter your mood in positive ways.

6. New Luggage 

Another great gift for mom is a new set of smart, user-friendly luggage for travel. If she has family or friends that live out of the state or country, a new set of luggage with anti-theft or self-weighing pieces.

5. Smart Watch or Tablet

If mom loves to read or do other things that require a larger screen than her smartphone, invest in a table for her!

A smartwatch is a fun, easy gift that can encourage anything from helping her remember things to adjusting her workouts.

4. Foot Massager

This is a gift for anyone but especially tired moms, who are always on their feet. Help them take a load off with one of these affordable foot massagers.

3. Water Ozone Generator

water ozone machine for sterilizing water

A water ozone machine can assist mom with sanitizing the water she uses to wash fruit, clean her makeup brushes, or kids’ toys. Our AH1000 is an affordable option, that’s easy to use and can be used for other liquids as well.

2. Heated Slippers/Socks

You’ve heard of heated jackets and vests and blankets, but what about heated slippers or heated socks? Heat on sore joints is a great way to soothe them, so pick a pair up for mom!

1. A Home-Cooked 3-Course Meal

mother's day meal

At the top of our list is something you can pack full of love and gratitude for mama, while still being delicious and nutritious. A three-course meal including dessert is a great way to spend Mother’s Day and treat mom right. Gather her family and friends around to honor her with a meal.

Your mother is a special lady, so treat her like she’s the prize with thoughtful gifts and experiences she’ll never forget! Share your Mother’s Day moments on Instagram or Facebook for a chance to be featured by us!

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