Happy Anniversary to Us! Airthereal Turns 3 With New Growth and Hope for the Future


happy anniversarySince the very beginning, Airthereal’s primary mission has been to improve indoor air quality around the world. The best medicine, health, and wellness tips lose meaning if we don’t address one of the main causes of poor health: bad air.

In our 3 years of operation, the Airthereal team has dealt with multiple worldwide public health crises: wildfires and smoke wreaking havoc along the North American West Coast, a global pandemic caused by an airborne illness, and a continued drop in air quality globally because of climate change. 

anti virus ozone

With these issues, our core mission of improving indoor air quality around the world has only increased in vigor. In the last year alone, we’ve ramped up production of our main product line-up, while introducing new and innovative products like our water ozone generator and our medical-grade air purifiers preferred by schools all over.

We’ve partnered with scientists in Italy on how ozone can remove COVID-19 and other viruses from the surfaces of medical transports. We’ve aided volunteer fire departments in Hungary to help with decontamination. And we’ll be continuing our efforts to aid Dr. Domenico in Italy, who is using ozonated water to treat patients with various illnesses. Keep an eye on our blog for updates on this.

water ozone generator

The future is bright for Team Airthereal! Breathing good quality air is a right that everyone shares, and we’re here to help you assert that right. With global health in mind, our product team continues to research and test new products that help improve your daily life, including WIFI control and remote control ozone generators. Stay tuned on our social media and sign up for our newsletter to stay updated on all the exciting things coming in 2021-2022. 

Happy Anniversary, Airthereal! 

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  • Love these Ozone Generators! We treat the 400 sq. ft. room for about 40 minutes and musty smell gone! Dog smell gone!
    We live in Florida and even run a ozone generator in our car after a day at the beach!

    The price is great and after using one for 2 years we feel the product holds up very well!
    Thanks Airthereal!
    Pat and Glory

    Pat Broyles
  • I have an air purifier in every room in my house as well as an ozone generator for the house. I enjoy clean fresh air now and have only a few allergy episodes. You don’t see dust on surfaces nor in the rays of sun coming through the windows

    Jim Blaney

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