Travel Safely With Essentials From Airthereal Plus Tips to Ease Stress

 travel essentials

Traveling is already a stressful task, right? Now, nearly two years into a pandemic, it’s even more anxiety-inducing than it was previously. Whether you’re flying or taking a train or going on a road trip, it’s crucial to make sure you pack everything you need, not just for the destination but for the journey as well.

Packing for the Journey

Depending on how you travel, what you take with you on your trip will make all the difference in how comfortable and safely you get to your destination.

portable ozone generator

  • Portability and compactibility are key when it comes to traveling safely and efficiently.
    • Take the PA1K-GO Portable Ozone Generator with you. Cordless and compact to fit in your bag. This is perfect for road trips.
    • If you have an air purifier with a car charger or battery-powered, you should bring it with you to ensure fresh, clean air.
  • Make sure you have plenty of hand sanitizer, masks, and cleaning wipes handy if you’re traveling via air or train.

Packing for the Destination

Now that you’re at your ideal destination, you can unpack the essentials to make sure your space is clean, safe and comfy. 

travel dehumidifier compact for suitcase

  • A portable dehumidifier for those extra humid areas will do wonders for your breathing. 
    • Our SG100 dehumidifier can absorb up to 4oz/100ml of water per cycle with a 300+ cycle lifespan. No cords, no cables, and no batteries!
  • Depending on your accommodations, taking a larger-sized ozone machine with you to deodorize and sanitize unfamiliar surfaces is a good idea. 
    • We recommend the MA10K-PRO Smart Ozone Generator with remote control via smartphone app. This nifty device allows you to set your ozone treatment without being in the room!
  • Traveling with an air purifier sounds kind of silly until your asthma and allergies start acting up due to dust and wind. 
    • Our desktop-sized, compact True HEPA air purifier will fit neatly in your suitcase and can help purify the air in small spaces.

Ways to De-Stress

After you’re done with the stress of traveling and unpacking, you can now relax. That’s the whole point right? And even if your trip was for work and not play, self-care is still very important. You can’t be at 100% if you’re still tired and anxious about your trip!

aroma diffuser for relaxation essential oils

  • Relax and wind down with a hot bath and an aroma diffuser going.
    • Airthereal’s LF200 Aroma Diffuser is adjustable and comes with lighting effects so you can customize your experience. Enjoy our two lines of essential oils, created to envelop you in pleasant aromas. 
  • For more ways to create an at-home oasis, check out our blog here

Traveling isn’t always the easiest and can be among the most stressful things we do, but there are ways to mitigate and help ease our minds. Share photos of your new Airthereal product on Instagram or Facebook for a chance to be featured by us!

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