How Air Purifiers and Ozone Generators Can Help You Take Care of Business

ozonator for small business

Earlier this year, the pandemic caused widespread shutdowns of many small and large businesses, schools and other spaces and are now in the process of reopening and managing new ordinances to ensure customer safety and satisfaction. 

A lot of them are doing so with Airthereal air purifiers and ozone generators, serving two different functions, ultimately for the same purpose: a clean and sanitized environment for patrons, customers, residents and other folks.

Highlighting Small Business Stories

air purifier with UVC for offices

A local dentist office recently purchased several of our APH260 True HEPA Air Purifiers for their UV-C function. “I am using them in a dental office.  I put one in each treatment room, as well as one in the front desk area.  With COVID and the stats that you provided for your machine, I am hoping to keep the air clean. We use them four days a week, from 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m,” a representative from the office shared.

The UV-C and anion function kills molds, bacteria, some viruses as well as prevents mold from forming inside the filters. It’s a vital tool in helping keep indoor air as clean as possible, especially in high-traffic areas.

“We decided to try air purifiers [APH260] during this time as a way to hopefully prevent illnesses as well as combat allergies that a lot of our team deals with.” A representative from an engineering company told us.

air purifier for daycare and schools

The APH260 is a pretty popular machine among businesses, small and large. Many people working in offices have taken to using it because of the features we’ve mentioned. “I wanted an air purifier with UV & ionizer but not at $600. This one fit the bill perfectly and the effect on the room was very noticeable within 20 minutes of operating on High. The air feels lighter, cooler, kinda tingly feeling. It's a great clean feeling. I loved it so much I bought one for my office to keep next to me all day on level 2,” a customer wrote in their review.

The second most popular True HEPA air purifier that businesses are buying in bulk is our APH230C. “We are using them in all of our patient rooms and in our break room at our dental office.” Cristine shared with us via email. This unit is cost-effective and performs at a high level for office and bedroom-sized spaces.

Ozone machines can help with pro-level sterilization

ozone machine for disinfecting schools and high traffic areas

Other high-traffic areas include schools faced with the possibility of opening up this fall with social distancing and other guidelines in place. Some school districts are buying our ozone generators (also known as ozonators) in bulk as part of their sterilization and disinfection process. “We are using them [MA5000] to daily sanitize the nurses’ rooms at our schools,” Gary, a school district leader, told us over email. 

Local daycare centers and other areas where kids may have to gather indoors are also making use of the MA5000 ozone generator, which is our most cost-effective unit that packs a punch of 5000mg/h!

Ozone is an incredibly powerful natural sterilizer that has been helping businesses and medical professionals across the world keep surfaces free of bacteria, viruses, mold spores and other unwanted pathogens and smells. Because it is effective at killing these things, rooms MUST be unoccupied when the machine is on. Allow 30 minutes after running to allow the ozone to dissipate! Learn more about how ozone works over on our blog.

How is your business adjusting to new guidelines during the reopening process? Let us know at

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