A Few Positive Changes To Make This Spring & Summer

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Spring is a time for renewal and change. Summer is an opportunity to do what makes you happy! We’ll help guide you through how you can help yourself make those positive changes and get your life on the best path in the sunniest months of the year.

Improvements for the Springtime

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Spring is for rebirth and growth and trying new things! Here are things to do in March, April and May:

  • Set simple goals for yourself. Short-term goals will have a long-term effect on how you want your year to end.
  • Plant something. That may seem like a no-brainer for spring, but often people just buy a bouquet of flowers and call it a day. Grow something! 
    • Start small with spices or herbs, rather than going full tomatoes or onions. Mint is a great option.
  • Create a better working space for yourself, if you’re working at home indefinitely. 
    • Wall art, comfy seating, a fluffy ottoman, great acoustics and lighting will go a long way in making the perfect home office.
  • In a new neighborhood or don’t know your community much? This is the time to get involved!
    • Start a community clean-up project or recycling program. Go door-to-door and get to know your neighbors. Offer to dog walk!

Summertime Aspirations

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The summer is a time for making good on your new year’s resolutions, your spring promises, while also giving yourself time to take a break.

  • Book yourself a staycation and chill out. 
    • Hotels around your city or town have low prices during quiet periods. Check yourself in and enjoy the amenities like you’re out of the country!
  • Take the kids somewhere both entertaining and educational for them, while also relaxing for you. We suggest a resort near a national park or in the mountains. 
  • Grow a garden in the backyard, expanding what you started in the spring.
  • Take time for yourself, no matter what that looks like:
    • Long baths with an aroma diffuser (and oils) and a glass of wine.
    • Naps in the middle of the day.
    • Yoga or pilates classes.
    • Finding “your” tree at a nearby park and sitting under it for a while.

Embracing Positive Change 

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Take on the warmest months of the year with a fresh outlook on life. The spring is filled with opportunities for new beginnings and uplifting changes. The summer is your chance to be free and do what you want to do in the sunshine. Share with us your favorite scents on Instagram or Facebook for a chance to be featured by us!

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