What to Get the Mom in Your Life This Mother's Day

mother's day experience guide

The sun is shining bright, the flowers are blooming, group outings are slowly coming back, all in time for you to give the mom in your life a stellar Mother’s Day this year! You can go big or small, but no matter what, make it meaningful. It’s been a trying 14 months for everyone, make the mom in your life smile for Mother’s Day 2021.

Give Her an Experience to Remember

road trip for mom

Some moms don’t want lavish presents or a room full of flowers; they just want an experience to remember! Here’s a few ideas she’ll absolutely love:

  • Local activities
      • Drag brunch, brunch with a live band, bingo brunch, murder mystery get the idea. Listen, if you’re feeling up for it and want to plan a fun experience for mom, brunch is the best way to do it. But not just any boring old brunch...check out the many offers your city has to offer when it comes to dynamic and entertaining brunches!
      • Drive-in movie and dinner is a retro, sweet and safe way to do a classic date/night out. While theaters are re-opening across the country, we prefer drive-in theaters anyway. You get to react as loud as you’d like in your car and bring your own snacks or a whole picnic!
    • Heading out of town
        • If you plan to leave the city you’ve been stuck in for a while, we understand. There’s ways to do this safely, like a road trip! Pack up the car with whatever you’ll need for the journey and eventual destination and take mom on a fun day trip somewhere. The journey is just as important as getting there, so don’t rush and enjoy!
        • A welcome change while getting out of the house is going camping or a cabin stay for the outdoorsy mom or just any mom that’s been stuck inside for too long. Don’t forget your masks and bug spray! 

      Gifts of Appreciation

      mother's day gifts

      Some moms know they deserve the world and your Mother’s Day present should match that energy. Get her gifts that are:

      • Health-conscious, with a focus on physical wellbeing and mindfulness, like weighted blankets to help with anxiety, an air purifier for the cleanest air, a punching bag for letting out frustrations or a matcha green tea kit for soothing the soul. 
      • Helpful in making daily work life easier, like the best pair of noise-canceling headphones on the market, an ergonomic chair that will help with back and neck support, comfy slippers and functional work robe for her to feel her most content while checking emails.
      • Just for fun! Get her a Playstation 5 (if you can find one), an array of adult coloring books, a flower growing kit, a new bicycle, or whatever you think will bring a big smile to her face. It’s been a long year, so make it worth it!

      Food is the Gold Standard

      mother's day brunch

      Did you know that the way to a mom’s heart is through her stomach? It’s a famous saying! Some moms simply find joy in a good meal. Here’s how you can achieve that for her:

      • A yummy home-cooked meal for two is an intimate but easy option because you can truly cater to mom and make the entire meal about her. From the appetizers to the desserts, make sure it's all her favorite foods, including her favorite drink or cocktail, her favorite music playing in the background, and set the table in all her favorite colors.
      • Gather the family for a massive celebratory dinner! If you have a backyard, utilize it with multiple tables set up and coverings to help with any weather issues, decorated with string lights to give the meal a fun ambiance. Set up the grill and get to grilling burgers, bratwursts, kabobs, corn on the cob, veggies and whatever else people will want to eat!

      Mother’s Day is a day to celebrate the mom in your life in a special way that makes her feel loved and appreciated. Enjoy the good weather and stay safe!

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