Tankless Water Heaters Are Better for Water & Energy Conservation

 conserve water with a tankless heater

Your traditional tank heater uses up massive amounts of energy every day; it’s time for a change.

Water conservation and energy consumption is a topic of increasing importance, especially for those living on the West Coast in California and Nevada. First, we must acknowledge the incredible privilege of having access to clean, hot water via a water heater. 

Traditional water heaters are huge energy eaters. The more hot water made, the more energy consumed to heat it up. This can place a burden on a home’s electric bill, as the stored water needs to stay heated while in the tank. recommends tankless or “demand-type” water heaters for small spaces. This is because these machines only provide hot water as needed, no storage necessary. Our Evening Tide Electric Water Heater Collection is a perfect solution to this problem because our tankless water heaters don’t store heated water, using up energy to keep it hot.

The other advantage of having a tankless or on-demand water heater is being able to have multiple hot water sources on at once. Some households can’t have a hot shower running at the same time as the dishwasher, also while laundry is going. For this problem, install an electric tankless water heater or two to provide heated water for baths and washing clothes. Give your gas and electric bills a break.

save 50% on water costs

According to, other appliances or rooms that can be supplemented with a tankless water heater are:

  • Remote bathrooms or hot tubs
  • Supplemental support for dishwashers or clothes washers
  • Booster for a solar water heating system

To sum it up, tankless water heaters require less space to install and less energy to heat water, while also avoiding the storage of water that leads to sediment build-up. These machines need much maintenance and are easy to troubleshoot. It’s time for you to make the change from your traditional water heater.

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