Stay Safe While Traveling This Spring/Summer with 3 Simple Tips

 stay safe while traveling in a pandemic

As the weather warms up and people come out of hibernation, plans for trips are starting to be made! While there are still some travel restrictions in place to certain areas, there are plenty of sights to still see safely. The most important rule is to respectful and flexible because we’re still in a pandemic, people.

Make Your Pre-Travel Preparations

pre travel planning

Here’s a few things to get you prepped and ready for anything on your trip:

  • Make sure to get travel insurance
  • Get vaccinated or tested for the coronavirus before you go anywhere
  • Create a detailed itinerary to share with friends and family
  • Exchange money at your own bank for international travel
  • Be aware of weather patterns and conditions
  • Check the COVID-19 restrictions of where you’re going

Cleaning Supplies are Your New Travel BFFs

ozone generator for travel

We’re living in a brand new world and that means being extra cautious about everything we touch and the air we breathe. Hand sanitizer, wet wipes, and a portable ozone generator will help you stay clean and worry-free while you travel parts unknown.

We recommend stocking up on hand sanitizer at your local grocery store and bringing the portable ozone generator in your carry-on bag. A little extra cleaning can go a long way to feeling at peace when you’re traveling.

Avoid Crowds, Embrace Nature

stay outside with food

There’s still a pandemic going on and whether you’re vaccinated or not, you should always be careful. Countries, states and regions have varying levels of restrictions, so depending on where you’re going, you could be faced with more crowded areas.

Instead of fighting for a table at a popular tourist trap, go into nature instead. Explore all that your new city has to offer. Mountains, lakes, open fields, national parks, various trails and more offer beauty and flexibility to spread out as necessary. Pack a picnic and to-go cocktails and have your own brunch in the sun under the trees. Remember to be respectful of local culture and the environment and clean up after yourself!

If you try to follow these simple tips, you should have a worry-free vacation and you deserve it. Here’s to a spring and summer of exploring and discovering new things outside the home.

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