Show Loved Ones You Care With Airthereal This Valentine’s Day

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It’s that time of the year again. Love is in the air, people want to make their loved ones feel special and we’ve got just the right tips to help you show your love that you care this Valentine’s Day!

We’ve compiled a list of things you can do for the person you love depending on what they might need this year.

The Gift of Relaxation and Comfort

Is your loved one someone who’s always on the go? They’re always looking out for other people, putting themselves second. Priority for them is to get them to slow down, practice self-care.

aroma diffuser essential oils

  • Spa days are a great way for a person to get fully taken care of.
  • Get them an aroma diffuser with assorted essential oils to improve their environment.
  • An assortment of scented candles and a comfy bathrobe go perfect together.
  • Book a couples’ massage so you both can enjoy each other’s company while getting pampered. 

The Gift of Experiences

Maybe the one you love has been stuck inside for awhile and is itching to go somewhere else. Or they’re naturally the exploring type and you want to plan something amazing for them.

romantic meals outdoors

  • Brunch outdoors by the beach/lake/river with a fully stocked picnic basket and cooler.
  • Road trip to see landmarks like Napa Valley for good wine or the Grand Canyon for impressive sites.
  • Plan a fun camping trip with all the essentials

The Gift of Services and Support

Sometimes all a person really needs is to feel supported. Acts of services are a love language for a reason. 

husband cleaning for spouse valentine's day

  • Offer to do all of their chores or side projects for that day.
    • Go above and beyond and complete home DIY projects they want to start.
    • Clean their car inside and out. 
    • Take care of the pets and/or kids’ needs.
    • Deep clean the house.
  • Donate your time to their favorite charities or organizations they work with.
  • If they’re open to it, suggest couples counseling to check in with each other mentally.

The Gift of Affirmation

If your person is hard to shop for because they aren’t materialistic (not a bad thing!), try out words of affirmation and compliments.

love notes for partner v-day

  • Fill a journal, preferably one with over 300 pages, and fill each page up with one day’s worth of love and compliments. They can read a single page every day for an entire year and feel your love for them.
  • Buy or make a stack of greeting cards, write in heartfelt messages and then hide them around for your partner to find and read. 
  • Get the classic children's Valentine’s Day cards (you know the ones that we all passed around in elementary school) and write them funny messages. Don’t forget the candy!

Make this Valentine’s Day one to remember with thoughtful gifts for your loved one. They may not always want flowers or a box of chocolates but there are so many different options to show them you care. Enjoy the holiday safely. Happy Valentine’s Day from all of us!

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