Sanitize Your H2O with the All-New AH1000 Ozone Generator for Water

sanitize your water with an ozone generator

The world has been in pandemic-mode for almost an entire year now. With an increased concern of nasty things on  our surfaces, in our air and in our food and water, our team has decided to address a new, growing need. 

Our new AH1000 ozone generator can be used to sterilize containers of water or the air itself in an indoor space. Purified ozone water can remove harmful bacteria to prevent the spread of infections. Treating water with ozone is also helpful for sterilizing baby products, fruits, vegetables, toothbrushes, and other household items.

A Multi-Use Water Ozone Generator 

multi-use water ozone generator

Its best purpose is to remove substances and impurities that are hard to get rid of even after rinsing very carefully, like fruits, vegetables, toothbrushes and other things that are often exposed to moisture. Rinsing only removes large surface particles while most impurities are stuck in hard-to-reach areas. 

If you’re still using tap water from the sink to clean your food, you may want to consider an alternative. The AH1000 can also purify and sterilize the water you use to wash your face or give your cat or dog a bath. 

Breaking Down How It Works

remove tough odors and viruses

Thanks to the tiny air bubbles generated by the air stone, the water ozone generator can easily purify surfaces and hard-to-reach areas. Ozone is able to disinfect and sterilize objects due to the strong oxidation and decomposition ability of ozone.

Because ozone is extremely unstable, it easily decomposes back into oxygen after sterilization in water, which is harmless and leaves no residue.

For the Home or the Office

ozone generator for home use

The AH1000 has a market-leading ozone production of 1000 mg/h, which allows ozone to be produced faster and at a higher concentration than other models. This allows your water to be sterilized sooner and at a higher level of clean than other products. 

Businesses conducting indoor activities will find this machine just as useful as a family sheltering at home.

clean your water

You already disinfect hard surfaces, wash your hands religiously and wear a mask when you go outside. Increase your level of cleanliness by adding an ozone generator for water to your home so you can protect and sterilize the rest of the things in your home.

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