NEWS: Airthereal’s New Partnerships with Sundial Home and ProjectN95

 new partnerships with sundial and project n95

As Airthereal continues to grow and adjust to the health and environmental circumstances of our customers, new partnerships and products that serve people are at the forefront of our team’s 2021-2022 plan.

New Partnerships for 2021-2022

One of those new partnerships is with Sundial Home. Sundial Home Products LLC is an online home improvement, decor, and furniture store based in California. Sundial is a great home for products like our air purifiers and ozone generators.

While customers shop for home decor items for their space, they can also pick up a True HEPA air purifier or ozone generator while they browse. 

Project N95 is a nonprofit organization working to connect verified sources of PPE to frontline workers, healthcare organizations, and underserved communities during the pandemic.

Having recently launched a new marketplace platform with a diverse selection of PPE, they are continually looking to expand product offerings for schools, small businesses, and other organizations across the country. Their team understands that portable HEPA air filtration devices are becoming an increasing necessity, consistent with the CDC’s guidance on protective ventilation practices in indoor settings to reduce viral transmission.

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Because of this, Project N95 reached out to Airthereal on a partnership between the brands. Based on their preliminary research, their team identified Airthereal’s AGH550 as a good fit for the customers they serve. Airthereal also suggested the AGH380 because of its impressive medical-grade H13 filter and UV-C sterilization light.

Being able to equitably connect frontline organizations and communities with trusted sources of protective equipment is at the heart of their mission at Project N95, which Airthereal 100% aligns and agrees with.

Upcoming products: Our Electric Tankless Water Heater and Ozone Generator with Remote Control will be arriving this year to expand on our already impressive lineup. These additional products will help further Airthereal’s mission to better customers’ lives. Stay tuned for more updates!

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