Make it a Healthy, Yet Fun Father’s Day for Dad This Year

father's day holiday

Father’s Day is coming up and it’s also Men’s Health Month! This is an initiative in order to get men to take care of themselves better. There’s nothing manlier than a guy who is motivated to maintain excellent mental and physical health! Help your dad be healthier and happier, in the most fun way possible, for Father’s Day.

A healthy feast fit for a king

dinner or brunch for dad

Priority number one: give him the best meal he’s ever had and make it healthy to boot! First things first, what meal of the day is his absolute favorite? Some dads like to brunch with mimosas and all, other dads are into a big, hearty dinner. Once you’ve figured that out, you can start researching healthy alternatives to some of his more indulgent favorite meals. Brownies can be made with avocado, milkshakes with almond milk, choose oven-baked vs fried chicken and other options like that. Set the table for however many people are coming, whether it's a large family party or an intimate dinner for two with all the fanfare a feast deserves. He’ll feel much appreciated and satisfied.

Help him breathe better with an air purifier

father's day air purifier for dad

Does the dad in your life have asthma or allergies or lives/works in a place with bad air quality? We can help out with that! Our APH260 true HEPA air purifier is ideal for anyone dealing with stuffy noses and having a hard time breathing in general. Another great unit of ours is the AGH550, which is the best for large spaces. Air purifiers clean and purify the air around us so we can breathe easier. Any dad would be delighted to come home to cleansed air.

Take him on a hike in the mountains

mount charleston resort

Fresh air is everything. That’s something we all can agree on. Eventually dad will get tired of being stuck inside, even with clean air from an air purifier, so you should get him on a few trails in the mountains. Crisp, mountain air is great for not just physical health but mental health as well. With everything going on in the world, it would do the dad in your (and your entire family) some good in getting outdoors away from the noise for a bit.

Do all of his daily chores and household tasks for the week

dad chores garden

Whatever he usually takes on during the day, bear that burden for him for a week! Take out the trash, take the cars for a wash, give the dogs a bath, mow the lawn, rake the leaves, plant that tree, grill up dinner, whatever it is, he’ll love having a chance to relax and stay off his feet for a while. This will also give you an even better appreciation for what he does around the house.

Mindfulness in meditation and yoga

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Men’s health isn’t just in the physical but the mental as well. Meditation and yoga combine the two in a cathartic way that will get the juices flowing. Getting the father in your life to be mindful of his mental health may feel like an uphill battle but if he actually dedicates a time to it with your support, he’ll feel that much better. It’s worth it! If dad asks why he should try yoga, ask him when the last time he actually “de-stressed”. If it takes him more than 15 seconds to answer, he’s made your point for him. Yoga can be an amazing tool for relaxation as well as being a full-body workout.

Golfing is self-care too

golfing for dads

We can’t leave this list without mentioning golf. There’s a reason it’s known as the Ultimate Dad Sport. If he’s never golfed before, go easy on him with putt putt or golf entertainment venues that put the emphasis on having fun rather than “winning.” If golfing is his “thing,” let him teach you something about what he likes to do! Golfing is a leisurely sport when it can be, so let dad decide the fun.

Happy Father’s Day! Enjoy your time with your family.

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  • Loose HEPA filter has made a great difference in the quality of air in our condo. Very pleased. Bought one for our house too.

    greg huddas

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