Large and Small Businesses Can Benefit From Ozone Generators

ozone generator in automobile

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In a few short months, COVID-19 has completely changed the landscape of our economy, our society, the ways we do business, how we interact with people on the street and so much more. All of this change means one thing: adaptation is key. 

As governments and businesses across the world weigh the options of slowly opening back up to the public, the biggest question on everyone’s mind can businesses ensure the cleanliness of their spaces to avoid spreading COVID-19? Even if your store, shop or salon reopens, there will be a large percentage of people that may be hesitant to enter without assurances in place. 

While we can’t say definitively whether your business should reopen or not, we are adamant that a cleaning process and plan MUST be in place prior to any plan to reopen. 

Your Decontamination Process

Ozone generators are an excellent way to completely disinfect the surfaces of any indoor space. Ozone generators produce ozone which is effective at sterilizing your space from any odors, mold, bacteria, VOCs and most importantly, viruses.  

High-traffic businesses like restaurants, nail salons, barbershops, retail shops, gyms, or movie theaters could benefit from running an ozone generator throughout each room of the space for several hours, making sure the space is washed, cleaned and disinfected the traditional way prior to running the unit. 

Ozone is extremely reactive and must be handled with care. Ozone generator units must ONLY be run while the room is completely unoccupied, including humans, pets, or plants, as it is hazardous to breathe. Once the air has reverted back to oxygen after 30 minutes, your space will be properly sterilized. If you are able to run surface swab tests to triple-check that your space is clean, we recommend doing so!

How are Small Businesses Doing?

ozone generator for small businesses

“Is your shop doing it’s best to protect you? Not only are we using sanitizing wipes, we are using an Ozone generator on your vehicle . This little beauty will sterilize the vehicle from not only the virus but odors, mold, bacteria and VOCs at 99.98% bacteria killing rate,” from Carriage Shoppe’s Instagram (@carriageshoppe).

ozone generator in car

“Gotta love that ozone treatment!”, from DMAXBerserker Auto Detailing’s Instagram (@dmaxberserker).

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  • Tienen alguna certificacion los generadores de.ozono, como por ejemplo la SGS


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