In the rearview, our 2022 Recap

Thanks to you, we couldn't be more proud of the growth we've had this year. Check out some of our highlights below and thanks again for another amazing year!

New Member of the Pure Morning Series

APH320 Smart WiFi Air Purifier

This year, we introduced our first WiFi air purifier. You can control the air purifier from anywhere via the mobile app, set scheduled auto-on/off, and check the filter life anytime.

New Addition to Ozone Generator Line-up

MA10K-PRO Smart WiFi Ozone Generator

Adding to our smart devices, this new ozone generator can also be controlled via the mobile app. Ease the concern of exposing yourself to ozone treatments, change timing and output, and adjust settings on the go.

Product Line Expansion

Outdoor Portable Propane Gas Tankless Water Heater

Portable water on-demand for camping trips, washing pets, and more. Easy to install, this energy-saving water heater keeps water and electric costs down.

New Product Line: Smart Home

Water Leak Detector with WiFi Gateway

Detect and prevent water damage at home or in the office with the brand-new line of water leak detectors. Controlled via mobile app the detectors are small and can fit anywhere water leaks may appear and can be used as a manual alarm for added home security.

New Member of Flame Diffuser

500ml Ultrasonic Flame Diffuser

Replacing the smaller 200ml diffuser, this larger aroma diffuser provides much needed relaxation and atmosphere with an LED flame light and essential oil diffusion. The upgrade includes a handle so you can take it anywhere.

New Website Service

Extended Product Protection

Enjoy your Airthereal products without worry by protecting your purchase from failure and accidental damage caused by drops, breaks, or spills.

*Only applies to select products


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