For the Air We Care: An Update on Airthereal’s Journey

airthereal air purifier

Every so often, we go through significant changes, a metamorphosis of sorts, that pushes us to being the best version of ourselves. When Airthereal started, we came with the idea of providing an “ethereal” environment in our customers’ personal and professional spaces. Our mission is to improve air quality everywhere, so the original concept was a bit lofty and unfamiliar to folks who just wanted clean air.

The reality is, we at Airthereal really care about your health. Our rapid growth this year amidst some of the worst catastrophes that can affect a community was astonishing. Between the pandemic and the widespread wildfire smoke still affecting residents right now, our products became more important than ever. This became the year of prioritizing clean air over all else.

Because of this, air purifiers and ozone generators have gone from being considered luxury items to every day, basic necessities to ensuring a clean space. This shift in perspective has lit a fire (no pun intended) under the Airthereal team to refocus on our mission of improving air quality everywhere. We are a small but growing brand with a loyal customer base that really believes in us because we really care about their health. 

This is what “For the air, we care” really means to us. You care. We care. 

We will continue to improve our products and launch new machines that fit our customers’ ever-expanding needs. Stay tuned for upcoming new products!


  • I have multiple devices from Airthereal in my home. From air purifiers to 3 ozone generators, I feel safe from and virus. Having respiratory problems , I am extremely concerned about what I breathe and the freedom from viruses. The only thing I would add to my collection is another ozone generator for my garage due to Florida’s hot, humid air. I use the one I have- MA 10K- in both Home a garage at least once a week. Would like to get a second one so I don’t run it back and forth

    Jim Blaney
  • Good morning,
    I have the APH260 True HEPA Air Purifier, Smart Auto Mode – Pure Morning which I love; however, I need a second one for my bedroom. Please consider and option in Black or Brown.
    Thank you
    Tanya T. Payne

    Tanya T. Payne

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