Floor Cleaning Made Easy: VacTide V2 Wet Dry Vacuum Review

 wet-dry vac cleaner review

Ever since our little one started crawling, parenting has only gotten more chaotic and exciting. I’ll admit, in the past, we hadn’t always stayed on top of our house cleaning, but now with a crawling baby and a shedding dog, it’s at the top of our list. We were very excited to try the new VacTide V2 Wet Dry Vacuum Cleaner, especially with all the smart features on it. Here’s my review after a couple weeks of using it.

Unboxing the VacTide

I was expecting this to be more complex to put together but you literally just snap the handle into place, remove the cardboard and foam, and you’re ready to start cleaning. Obviously, it’s very important to read through the instruction manual before you start, which I did.

vactide v2 wet dry vacuum cleaner

This is our first “smart” vacuum cleaner so I was thrilled by all the bells and whistles, like the touchscreen screen and voice guidance. I filled up the clean water tank and made sure the dirty water tank was clear of anything. I also added two capfuls of the cleaning fluid that comes with it to the clean water tank for a deeper clean. I made sure to charge it to 100% before first use. It was about 50% charged when it arrived.

First Time Cleaning

wet dry vacuum cleaner at home with new baby

Once I got my new wet-dry cleaner all set up, I was excited to try it out. I wasn’t sure at first what to do, but I turned it on and it went right into automatic cleaning mode. In fact, a voice will say loudly, “Automatic Cleaning Mode on.”

The tool is pretty intuitive and has a guided feature that makes it easier to get in and around things. The first stop I hit was the dining room because we’ve recently started giving our baby solids. She's experimenting with eating with her hands, so a lot of food ends up on the floor. Within two minutes of auto-clean mode, it sucked up all the dog hair and dust and washed the floor, clearing the food stains up.

I couldn’t believe how quickly this took. Normally, we sweep the floors separately and then vacuum after and that takes a good 30 min some days. Not with this V2 VacTide. I cleaned the hardwood floors in my dining room, kitchen and downstairs bathroom in about 5-10 minutes. I couldn’t believe how fast this cleaned.

Post-Clean Features

After my very short cleaning stint was done, or whenever the dirty water tank is full (the voiceover will tell you), I empty that out and clean it. Ours gets full every time we clean because we have a very hairy dog.

cleaning with wet dry vacuum cleaner

After I put everything back in its place, I put the vacuum back in its charging dock and hit the button to start auto clean mode. There’s a silent mode, but I like hearing our vacuum cleaner’s voice loudly declare it’s cleaning itself. There’s a drying function that’s specifically for airing out and drying the rolling brush, but auto mode takes it through the whole process, which lasts maybe 30 minutes.

All in all, I would highly recommend this to not just first-time parents or families with pets but to anybody that wants to cut their floor cleaning time down to just a few minutes. 

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