Different Ways to Use Your Ozone Generator

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[Updated Sept. 26, 2023]

Ozone can help get rid of bad odors and smells, from lingering pet urine to persistent cigarette smoke to yucky mildew. It’s one of the many reasons why our customers regard us so highly. “This is a very special product, I am using it to get rid of the musty smell in my record collection,” from a verified Amazon reviewer.

However, it’s not the only way customers are using their Airthereal ozone machines. When going through customer feedback, we got a real sense of what our customers are using their ozone generators for other than eradicating terrible smells. 

Ozone can be used to aid in:

Bug extermination

ozone for bug extermination

“Deodorizer and bug killer for old cars, used in an enclosed space, it kills mold, destroys fungus and germs making a dirty job better,” Dave G. shared in his review. One of the major features (and hazards) of using ozone is that it kills anything living in an enclosed space while it’s being generated. This is why our team recommends stepping outside the room you’re running an ozone machine in and removing any pets and plants. Allow the ozone to dissipate after 30 minutes.

Ozone is incredibly powerful and has been known to be effective at eradicating pests and bugs that are infesting any space. “I was overrun by spiders in my garage. After using this [ozone generator] in my two-car garage for 24 hours, all the spiders were dead and the smells were gone,” a reviewer shared with us. If your space is overrun with flies or cockroaches or other creepy crawlers, consider a small ozone generator like the PA1K-GO portable ozone generator that you can take with you anywhere.

Getting rid of mold

portable fridge ozone generator

“Can’t beat this for quality, ease of use and value! My son’s home always smelled of mold from the basement and the kids were always sick! Mold poisoning is NO JOKE! Not saying this is why the kids haven’t been sick in a month but this killed the mold. There is no way to be healthy when you are constantly breathing in mold and the toxins molds release,” a concerned mom shared in her review.

Mold can have a detrimental effect on a person’s overall health and can grow in places that experience a lot of moisture. Ozone can help combat visible mold growing anywhere in an indoor environment. Check your closets, bathrooms, athletic spaces (gyms, workout rooms, etc) or grow rooms for mold and use an ozone machine to rid yourself of health hazards. 

Cleaning on the go, for travel

“I am definitely taking this with me, every time I travel. I always ask that they do not spray a room with fragrances and most places are good about that. In March, we drove for 13 hours, only to get to our hotel room that was heavily scented...The hotel used an ozone generator to clean the air, and it was so much better,” an Amazon verified reviewer said in her review.

Personal health is the number one concern for a lot of our customers. The air we breathe, the places we lay our head, the environments we work in, are all very important so the priority is always keeping these things as clean as possible. Traveling can bring a lot of uncertainty but with a portable ozone generator at the ready, some worries can be alleviated.

Decontamination of diseases

ozone for cleaning businesses

All year, stories have been coming in from all over of how businesses, medical facilities, fire departments, schools and other establishments around the world are leaning on ozone generators to keep their spaces free from contamination. Learn more about their stories here.

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  • I LOVE💖💖💖💖 these machines!! I have 4 and seriously could use 2 more. Bought last 2 from open box..
    Great deal!!

    Shirley M. Boxer

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