Different Uses and Benefits of Having a On-Demand Water Heater

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Hot, clean water is a necessity for everyday activities like showering, washing dishes, clothes and hands, and cooking food. These essentials are made easy with a tankless, on-demand, portable water heater

We’re here to help you make the switch from your traditional water heater to a portable one at home. Or even just upgrade your camping/RV trips with a new tankless water heater. 

Many Benefits of Upgrading to an On-Demand Water Heater

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Replacing your traditional water heater with a portable one can feel like a daunting task, especially when you’re not completely sure of all the advantages.

  • Portability and movability are key. With an outdoor, portable gas water heater, you can take it with you wherever you need it for hot water on-demand.
  • Save on energy costs. It’s no secret that tankless water heaters save more energy than the traditional. That’s because they only produce hot water when needed and don't store water, causing heat loss and water waste. 
  • Tankless and portable water heaters are perfect for any and all spaces. This means whether you’re living in a camper, an apartment, a large house or mansion, you won’t have to worry about your hot water heater taking up a lot of space.

What Can I Use A Portable Water Heater For?

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There are many occasions where a portable, gas-powered water heater can come in handy.

  • Washing dirty, muddy pets or kids outdoors. Set up the water heater outside i and use the convenient, attached shower head for easy cleaning.
  • Use it for your camper or cabin. One of the best parts of camping is getting in touch with nature, but you don’t have to smell like it! Hot showers are always in season when you have a portable water heater.
  • Conveniently clean your vehicles with on-demand hot water.
  • You can also use this at home, around the house for quick, easy access to hot water.

In the Event of a Water Leak

water leak detector wifi enabled smartphone app

Don’t get caught off guard! Make sure you’ve got a proper water leak detector to help prevent water damage if something spills or breaks. A battery-powered water leak detector is truly your first line of defense against the mayhem leakages can wreak. Anything from black mold to water stains to damages to your electronics can be frustrating to deal with. Airthereal’s WiFi-enabled detector is a perfect solution to protect your home.

  • Get real-time alerts on your smartphone when a leak is detected.
  • Choose from multiple levels of alarms to make sure you or your family is alerted to the problem. 
  • Connect up to 24 leak detectors simultaneously so you’re covered everywhere at once.
  • Use in the basement, the garage, the laundry room, the kitchen, anywhere there’s potential for a water leak.

Time to transition from a traditional water heater to a portable or tankless water heater. The benefits outweigh any potential time it might take to set the new devices up! You will save time, money and energy with this upgrade.

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