Dehumidify Small Spaces and Vehicles with the All-New Portable Mini Dehumidifier

 portable dehumidifier

It’s now more important than ever to keep your home up-to-date with the latest smart technology designed to keep you and your family comfortable. The team at Airthereal has kept this at the top of their minds when sourcing and researching new products to introduce to our customers. 

That brings us to our new SG100 Portable Mini Dehumidifier with Heating Base, a small but powerful machine designed to prevent dampness that can cause mold and mildew in any small space.

While standard disposable moisture absorber boxes must be thrown away after a single use (resulting in a waste of resources and money), the SG100 Portable Dehumidifier uses rechargeable silica gel beads to absorb moisture efficiently and repeatedly. 

How to Use

After charging the silica gel beads for two hours, the dehumidifier can absorb moisture for 2-15 days, up to two weeks, depending on the amount of humidity in the area.

  1. If the silica gel is orange, the device can be set in the space you want dehumidified.
  2. If the silica gel is dark, place the device on its charging base and turn it on. The indicator light will be green.
  3. After 2 hours of charging, the device will automatically stop heating and enter standby mode. The indicator light will flash white, indicating that charging is done.
  4. Once the silica gel is back to orange, you can repeat the previous steps.

*Note: The discoloration speed will be affected by different environments. If the silica gel does not completely turn orange after charging for 2 hours, it means that it is not completely dry. Please lift the device off the base between 3-5 seconds, then put it back. Repeat as many times necessary to ensure the gel is completely dry.

Where to Use

The Airthereal Portable Mini Dehumidifier is perfect for small spaces up to 55 sq. ft. It's useful for:

  • Closets 
  • Bookcases
  • Wardrobes 
  • Cars/trucks
  • RVs
  • Boats 
  • Workout rooms
  • Water closets
  • Safes
  • Other small spaces that don’t have access to a power outlet 

It also prevents mold and rust on photography equipment, musical instruments and the inside of gun cases.

Struggling with humidity is a problem of the past. Now your small spaces can be moisture-free whenever you need it. The SG100 Mini is available now! Once you have your new product, share with us on social media on Instagram or Facebook for a chance to be featured by us.

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