Connect with our New Smart Ozone Generator with Remote App Control

 smart ozone generator with app control

One of the biggest asks from customers regarding our ozone generators is how to make it easier to turn on the machine and leave the area, so it can do its job. The reason being, no person or animal should be in the same room as an ozone generator, while it is going. It’s toxic to breathe in until it dissipates after about 20-30 minutes.

With our brand-new, upgraded Smart Ozone Generator, MA10K-PRO, with remote control, customers can now turn on their ozone machine safely from their phones via app!

Major Upgrades

app control ozone machine

  • App support for Androids and iPhones, to monitor ozone levels remotely.
  • Right from your phone, control ozone power and output level, functional mode, timer, and other settings so you don’t have to worry about breathing in ozone, which is harmful to your health.
  • Select room size, pollutants sources, and control ozone output while on the go.
  • Click the “STOP” button to cease all ozone output immediately.
  • With an output of 10,000 MG/H, it’s powerful enough to quickly clean rooms up to 2,000 sq. ft.
  • Built with a larger fan, 40% larger than traditional ozone generators.

Where to Use

no entry when ozone machine is on

  • Offices and other co-working spaces, warehouses and buildings
  • Restaurants, gyms, hair salons and other small businesses with high trafficked areas
  • Classrooms, daycares and nursing homes

Every chance we get to upgrade and improve our products, we take. Customer feedback is always appreciated. If you need technical support with your Airthereal products, please call us at 725-333-0437 or email us at Share photos of your new Airthereal product on Instagram or Facebook for a chance to be featured by us!

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