All the Easy Ways You Can Save the Earth from Home for Earth Day

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Earth Day 2020 is right around the corner and we hope you’re thinking, “What can I do to help the Earth?” It’s going to be a lot different this year with everyone primarily staying inside as a part of the global effort to slow the spread of COVID-19. But there’s plenty of ways we can help save the Earth even while stuck at home! 

Enjoy fresh air in an eco-friendly way.

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Almost all of us are in the same situation: we’re stuck inside for most of the day, with limited time outdoors. In addition to opening a window on warm days, get an air purifier to have a constant supply of clean air indoors. Our AGH550 is rated at 40W of maximum power, similar to running a small incandescent lightbulb. It’s perfect for large spaces and big rooms with a True HEPA filter that removes 99.97% of airborne particles, including pollen, dust, smoke, pet dander, mold spores, bacteria and more.

Plant some trees in your backyard.

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Trees are the best, they naturally filter the air and keep our climate safe. If you have the space and are able to, definitely plant a couple trees in the yard. Make sure to follow all the guidelines to planting a tree and you’ll be able to say out loud that you contributed to the air quality of our planet! If you don’t have the space or ability to plant a tree, donate to EarthDay.Org’s Canopy Project which takes a single dollar and plants a tree. 

Think organic and sustainable when deep cleaning.

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Use nontoxic and reusable items when disinfecting and cleaning your space. Instead of paper towels and disposable wipes, use wash clothes, sponges and nontoxic cleaning products. Instead of toxic cleaning chemicals, use cleaning vinegar and other natural multi-surface cleaners.

Single-use items are out, reusable items are in.

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There’s definitely been an increase in people ordering takeout and delivery and often those items come with a bunch of napkins, plastic utensils and paper plates. That will all eventually contribute to waste! You can request to exclude single-use items from your order and use what you have at home. If you happen to have ton of single-use items leftover, use them for in a more sustainable way like a craft project! You can make art from anything.

Try adding more plant-based items in your diet.

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Did you know that eating less animal products can have an overall positive impact on the environment? It’s true! Now we’re not fully advocating for going vegan but definitely try some fun, new ways to eat more veggies. One great way to incorporate this into your life is #MeatlessMondays, a fun way to be creative without meat or animal byproducts!

Improve your home’s energy efficiency.

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One of the simplest ways to do this is replace your bulbs with LED lights. LED bulbs offer longer-lasting light without eating up energy like incandescent bulbs. Another way is to upgrade the insulation around the house and seal the windows. Air constantly leaks out of drafty windows which makes your air conditioner or heat work harder causing your energy bill to spike.

It’s time to go paperless.

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If you’re still receiving paper bills or receiving other mail that could easily be an email or paid online, stop it! There’s already so much junk mail filling up our mailboxes, we don’t need to add to it with paper bills. Also unless that birthday card has money in it, send an ecard with a digital gift card, it’s the same thing and emails don’t end up in the trash!

Recycling is the ultimate goal.

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Last but not least, recycle, recycle, recycle. Learn what can and cannot be recycled and create an easy set-up with separate trash cans to ensure you’re recycling as much as possible. Don’t just stop at your own house, either. If your neighborhood or community doesn’t have a recycling program established, help get it going so all of your neighbors can make a positive impact on the environment.

Happy Earth Day!

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