A Guide to Having Fun With Dad for Father’s Day

father's day experience gift guide

First of all, happy Father’s Day to any dads reading this in the hopes for some good suggestions for a fun weekend. For the kids and moms looking for ideas too, we are here to help guide you on showing appreciation for the dad in your life.

Camping Trip

RV camping trip with dad tankless water heater

Outdoor dads need adventures and exploration in their lives! Whether it’s an RV trip, renting a cabin in the woods or setting up tents in a national park, your dad will appreciate getting fresh air, sunshine and time away from city life.

  • Prepare for cleanliness with a portable, propane tankless water heater with a built-in showerhead for easy baths.

Dirt Biking/Off-Roading

dirt biking with dad for father's day

Dad doesn’t mind a little mud or dirt, right? If he’s up for it, buy him dirt bike riding lessons and let him have a blast. If you want something a tad less risky, take him off-roading in an ATV (all-terrain vehicles), UTV (utility terrain vehicles), or snowmobile depending on the climate. 

Rock Climbing

rock climbing with dad father's day

There’s plenty of indoor and outdoor opportunities to rock climb. Indoor rock climbing poses less of a risk than climbing rocks outside, but it depends on dad’s capacity for danger.

  • If you can’t find a solid indoor opportunity to rock climb, get rock climbing grips and add them to trees in a park and have a blast!


skydiving with dad

Ready to thrill dad like he’s never been thrilled before? Take him and the whole family skydiving. Make sure to choose your dropzone wisely, prepare by studying and have fun. Capture the moment because it doesn’t happen very often!

Brewery Tour or Crawl

brewery tour with dad and friends

This is an easy one to put together with the family (those who are of age). Most cities’ breweries are clustered together, so you can do one of two things with dad: select a single brewery to take a tour in (one with his favorite IPAs or stouts!) or go brewery-hopping and do tastings of all they have to offer! Either way, dad will enjoy the time spent exploring the artistry of different brews.


early morning tee time golfing with dad

If dad’s an early bird type, this will be right up his alley. Find a golf course in your area with early morning tee times and gather him and his friends for a day outing. 

  • Bonus add-on: a brunch or lunch afterwards they can enjoy, with fun cocktails and delicious food.

Boat Trip/Fishing

fishing with dad

Catch your dinner with dad by taking him fishing at the nearby lake or river. Or help him relax by renting a boat and taking him out for some much needed chill time. Dads need to decompress just as much as moms do!

Cooking A Meal Together

cooking a meal with dad

Don’t underestimate the intense bonding time of cooking a meal with your dad. If he’s got the culinary spirit, then he will definitely enjoy the experience. If you’ve taken him fishing, fry up that morning’s catch with him. Make sure you have plenty of veggies and seasoning and remember to have fun with dad. Put on music or turn the TV on to whatever game happens to be on. This can be just a meal for the two of you or the entire family can pitch in!

These are just a few suggestions to get dad out and about and feeling appreciated by you and the family. Check out these other experiences tailor-made for dad! Happy Father’s Day to the heroes we call dad!

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